6 Comments on “Gay Google’s New Rainbow Logo to Coincide with the Opening Ceremony – 2014 Winter Olympics -Sochi”

  1. What a bunch of useless cunts. Remember the days when the media use to
    report the news? Now it’s simply propaganda for government and special
    interest groups.

  2. How do you determine what “pro-gay propaganda ” is ? And WHO decides ?
    It’s all highly subjective . This is unbelievably stupid .

  3. why do we need to know what someone sexual conduct is within the privacy of
    there own homes. we live within a sick generation

  4. Haha this chick thinks “gays are born gay” and i checked her sources and
    they were not true. Hold on a second, she didnt cite any sources just like
    all gays LOL.
    They love the mantra “gays are born gay”

  5. putin is correct in comparing homosexuality with pedophilia. it’s on the
    same level as bestiality, coprophilia, and other types of sexual
    paraphilias. i say so without any hesitation.

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