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  1. I’m sorry but there are some facts that is not correct… In Tchaikovsky’s
    time you could get DEPORTED to SIBERIA for being gay. The only reason he
    married was so that he was not going to cause a scandal, he was worried
    that it would hurt his carrier as a composer if the public knew about his
    sexuality. Although most members of his family where supportive, but not
    all of his friends and colleagues where… In fact, there is a theory that
    a group of former classmates/colleagues (from his time as a lawyer) met up
    and confronted him about his sexuality, demanding that he would commit
    suicide so that he would’nt cause a scandal that would hurt the reputation
    of their group… Tchaikovsky did drink a glass of infected water, knowing
    that a colera-epidemic was rampant at the time, which rises many

    By the way, since they are trying to portray him as a heterosexual man in
    russia, claiming any evidence of him being gay is just lies to make him
    look bad, they don’t see his music and performances of it as gay
    propaganda. I’m on your side, but please check your facts first. Best

  2. Come on! This young lady expressing her position with such limited
    information about Russia. Be critical and analyse what those programmes
    feeding you. Politics want to portray Russia as Barbaric country forgetting
    that we have richest culture and traditions. There are gay people in Russia
    like everywhere and they can be human being in the first place like
    Tchaikovsky and create something beautiful not because they are gay but
    because they are creative and wonderful people! Give up this idea to
    weaken Russia visualise it cruel country! Russia is Great,Intelligent and
    Amazing land with its people. The treating of gay people in Russia that
    shows TV gives completely wrong impression! These are sad and cruel
    individuals like everywhere – they exist in the all nations! Don’t be
    fooled! Think for yourself! There are good and bad but I call myself
    Russian and I respect everyone for their actions – do not judge the whole
    nation because of politic rotten strategy to create as much boundaries
    between people as possible. Russian president Putin comparing to many
    politicians is intelligent and normal! Olympics about sport achievement not
    being gay!!! LOVE RUSSIA! Piece to you all!

  3. Who are you to judge Russia? Your country of America is bankrupt and
    terminally declining. From where Russia was 20 years ago, to today, is like
    night and day.

  4. I am completely not trying to pass judgement on Russia. I quite like
    Russia. I am currently working on learning Russian. What I do not like is
    the recent trend towards homophobia in Russian politics. And I agree:
    Russia 20 years ago and today is like night and day. 20 years ago they
    decriminalized Homosexuality. Today they are persecuting homosexuals in the
    media and in their homes.

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