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  1. After their performance in Afghanistan.. Im willing to Support the U.S Army
    in all of their personal goals like gay marriage..

  2. Do you have any sort of transcript for this? I am in a speech class, and
    we have to give a speech that is already written by someone else, and I
    want to do this one.



    Same-sex marriage (also known as gay marriage) is marriage between two
    persons of the same biological sex or gender identity. Supporters of legal
    recognition for same-sex marriage typically refer to such recognition as
    marriage equality.
    Since 2001, eleven countries (Argentina, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Iceland,
    Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain, South Africa, Sweden) and some
    sub-national jurisdictions (parts of Mexico and the United States) have
    begun to allow same-sex couples to marry. Introduction of same-sex marriage
    has varied by jurisdiction, resulting from legislative changes to marriage
    laws or from court challenges based on constitutional guarantees of
    equality, or a combination of the two. The recognition of same-sex marriage
    is a political, social, civil-rights and religious issue in many nations,
    and debates continue to arise over whether same-sex couples should be
    allowed marriage, be required to hold a different status (a civil union),
    or not have any such rights.
    Same-sex marriages can be performed in a secular civil ceremony or in a
    religious setting, and are endorsed and practised by various religious
    groups around the world, including the Quakers, liberal Jews, Wiccans,
    Druids, Episcopalians and Unitarian Universalists.
    Studies conducted in several countries indicate that better-educated people
    are more likely to support the legalization of same-sex marriage than the
    less-educated, and younger people are more likely to support it than older
    generations. Additionally, polls show that people who personally know a gay
    person are more likely to support it than those who do not.

    The problem in Philippines is the religious groups are the one who are
    against in legalizing it..My question is what is the problem of those
    religious groups if ever it will be legalized?because according to bible
    there are no third sex created by God?no offence to those religious groups
    but right now i believe that gays,transgenders,lesbians and so on are
    already accepted by the society!Im proud to say that we are more religious
    people tahn those are against in legalizing it!God knows!

    Legalizing the same sex marriage is key to the Philippines to be leveled
    to USA and other countries,who are already acceted the same sex marriage..





  4. Good point. We can either see the Bible as a list of rules to follow. Or
    proof that we are ALL fallen, and need a savior. We shouldn’t judge anyone.
    As Jesus says. Love is the most important thing. We are even asked to love
    our enemies!!! (Luke 6:27) That brings up another question. WWJB. Who would
    Jesus Bomb??? Love is the answer… It’s even greater than faith. It’s even
    greater than hope. (1st Corinthians 13:13)

  5. Yes, the steam iron mentioned in the first sentence. God told me to do
    that. So I did. This morning, He led me to watch a doco about making pipe
    bombs, and He clearly told me to pay close attention because He wants me to
    hurl them into mosques. So I will.

  6. What an ignorant comment. What about heterosexual couples who choose not to
    have children, or what about couples biologically unable to have children?
    Should they not be able to marry? I know of quite a few marriages in this

  7. Amazing :)))) I’m so proud of you, for saying proudly that you are gay. I
    have to admit I used to think bad of homosexuality, because it doesn’t make
    sense in reproduction, I thought. But love overpowers everything, and there
    is no reason for suppression or violence against innocence! It is only
    morally reasonable. Although I’m not homosexual I completely support it. I
    don’t know a lot of homosexual people, but the ones I’ve met have been
    amazing. Good job!

  8. Powerful speech. I have been having a hard time with this because of my
    church and Christians. Please don’t judge me for saying this. if you don’t
    like it a delete it, if you tell me. The church and States are separate for
    a reason. If it government relate like marriage is then the use of the
    bible needs to stay out of it. Even straight people who are marriage in a
    church needs to go to the government to be legally marry even if a priest
    tell them you are now husband and wife. I have more.

  9. What I can’t understand is why people would even hate, is that what your
    family taught you to hate people. So you hate gays? What did they do to you
    that is so wrong and why can’t we let people love and marry who they wish.
    Oh, I am so lucky I live in Connecticut and not in the Midwest. God Bless
    you and your family especially this time of year Merry Christmas !!!!

  10. “born that way” So you’re claiming that one’s social environment plays no
    part in determining sexual orientation? That’s incorrect.

  11. Whats so wrong in gay marriage.if two people love each other why shouldn’t
    they be together?No body knows if Jesus ever came across any gay in his
    time or what was his reaction on finding gay men in society,He probably
    must have helped them regardless of their sexuality.please dont bring
    religion into it because even Greek Gods were having sex with kings. Jacob
    you are Hot!!!

  12. I’m so glad there are ppl out there like u. Homosexuals just want to have a
    foot hold in the same benefits as heterosexuals and want to be call first
    class citizens by calling their relationship a marriage if they decide to
    love each other for the rest of their life and not a civil union or the
    other one. That is a name that gives homosexual a second class citizenship.
    How would you feel if you were a second class citizen having some rights
    while banned from others. Hold on I got more.

  13. the arguments of gay people are contradictory, in the past doctors and
    psychologists talked about homosexuality as a sexual disorder or a disease
    so gay community respond that gay life was nothing to be ashamed and that
    they wanted to be that way, nowadays that someone found a biological
    difference on some gay specimens they argue that thats how they were born
    and they can’t be changed.

  14. Your logic is bias and lacking empirical evidence. I was raised by a single
    parent and turned out pretty good. I love weight training and do everything
    a normal teenage boy would do. I’m in college for biology and in three more
    years I’ll be going to medical school. So whats the difference from eing
    raised by one parent compared to two parents of the same gender? Maybe you
    should question your logic before making an ass out of yourself, which I
    see your doing a pretty good job at it.

  15. Have you even read Leviticus? Leviticus applies to the Priests (in that
    time) and they were called “Levites”. Those ‘laws’ were laws for THEM only.
    It wasn’t a general reading. Although I do not support prejudice, some dumb
    “Christians” like to use Leviticus as an argumentative to bash Gay people
    and yet they don’t even know the Bible themselves! HILARIOUS!

  16. I was just trolling. I have nothing against gay people. Some sick joke on
    my part. Sorry bro.

  17. No … infrequent “gay” adoption does not refute the fundamental link
    between marriage and procreation, marriage is not about regulating love,
    and the misbegotten notion of “homosexual marriage” is certainly NOT a
    “human right”. Your comment is utterly laughable. Put down the queer
    activist script and read some U.S. case law. You might actually learn
    something true for a change.

  18. you’re talking about choices. Being gay is not one. There’s no gay people
    in family farm? Spare me your idiotic nonsense.

  19. so you seek wisdom in fictional books? why the bible, why not a good
    fictional book?

  20. The one making an ass of himself is the one using anecdotal evidence as the
    basis of his argument. 1.usa*gov/zwFjGE “Children living in single-parent
    families had higher prevalence rates than children in nuclear families for
    the various health conditions and indicators examined in this report.” —
    National Health Interview Survey (2010)

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