4 Comments on “Gay marriage recognized in 6 more states”

  1. Defining marriage as a union of man and woman does not violate the 14th
    Amendment, because men and woman were actually made for each other.
    “Liberty” in America means having the freedom to do good, not bad, things.

  2. This is corrupt and communistic; FORCING the pervert agenda by a degenerate
    and corrupted government racket and the degenerate funded/created SIG’s to
    force this degenerate and pervert agenda that only serves the interests of
    a tiny insignificant amount of degenerates at a great cost and detriment to
    all of society especially the children. America will likely be the first
    degenerate country to make child sex/rape and child porn legal and a
    constitutional right; degeneracy breeds degeneracy and America is
    the superpower of degeneracy and perversion, a very sick and diseased

  3. Gay is a disease.
    Animals will not even accept it.
    Ass pumping is filth.
    Gay is Aides.

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