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  1. If you’re going to make gay marriages legal then why wouldn’t you enforce
    that in religious institutions as well? You’re full of nonsense and lies.
    Blacks didn’t fight for equal rights so religious institutions could turn
    them away. Do you think a church could do that and NOT get sued? – even
    though there may be tons of other churches that would accept Black members.
    Do you think a restaurant can refuse service to a Black person and NOT get
    sued? Wrong! They would get sued even though there are other restaurants
    that will serve them.

    The only dishonest person is you for saying that these things won’t happen.
    At least be honest that there will be litigations. 

  2. There is no freedom in sodomite marriage. First, sodomites don’t believe in
    freedom of speech. They are always trying to get criticising homosexuality
    passed as hate speech. Second, the conscience of a sodomite is so weak many
    kill themselves which makes homosexuality a psychological disease.

  3. @robtish i have an addendum. how can a civil(non-religious) marriage be
    religious freedom? thats just retarded.

  4. Same sex marriage is … STUPID… As in those who believe in it FLUNKED
    SEX ED! None of us came from Biological Same Sex Unions and there is a
    reason why!

  5. Yes there are a lot of lies out there. Just the same kind of lies that were
    told about abortion. Funny that Roe is now pro life, equally amusing is
    that the “Abortion Doctor” chose to change his tune and become pro life
    too. Tommorow is “Mother’s Day” and by your words you diss not only your
    Mother but all of your “Grandmothers” Sorry but you can’t think straight.
    In the end …we will prevail…sanity will prevail. May God have mercy on

  6. No christaian church would support gay marraige. I am christian and ill
    never support gay marrraige. And stop these damn parades. You don’t see
    straight couples going around forcing people to see what they believe.

  7. “im not allowed to smoke canibis in my state, but gays can get married”
    Cannabis is your battle then. Why are you asking gays?

  8. @FRApp44300, anything who thinks gays should not get married has zero
    understanding of, or relationship with, the Lord.

  9. Discrimination Law is soon becoming the law of bullies. A business should
    be allowed to refuse service to whom the wish, after all in this day and
    age this action would be simply a receipe for dwindling business. The law
    should never be grounds for determination of how a business should be run.
    However, though I do not agree with the way of life I know many gays which
    are infact more Christian (in action) than some which proclaim to be. “Let
    he who is without sin first cast the stone”

  10. Sorry clubindiana4, Ever hear of Judeo/Christian Tradition? Apparently
    NOT… God The Son took human form and was born to a woman (Mary) about
    2000 odd years ago. God The Father was always period and was worshiped
    before Christ came to Earth. Fact: Those who are NOT religious at all make
    BIG MISTAKES! GOD, who created and still creates, created us male and
    female. HE created the institution we call marriage and past civilizations
    have had it too.

  11. There is a growing intolerance for Christianity in The United States even
    though one of our First Ammendment Rights is FOR Religious Freedom!

  12. @mrchiefofsinners Shame on you! First off, if you’ve ever had oral sex with
    your partner, you’re a sodomite. Gay people aren’t weak, in fact we’re
    pretty strong. Our gay youth ten to kill themselves at three times the rate
    of straight kids..Why? Because of morons like you who peddle this bullshit
    propaganda of the right wing nut cases. Being gay, is a part of life and
    part of the master plan. The only thing weak here is your intelligence.

  13. @TaneishaRed1990 if they are in relationships with women that makes them
    heterosexual you fail

  14. That’d be great, but if that’s what you want then you’ve got to start with
    something other than “What if it were 1876 everyone were gay?” Because it’s
    not 1876, everyone isn’t gay, and no one is trying to make everyone gay. So
    if you want people to treat you like an adult, then stop with the
    ridiculous hypotheticals.

  15. Where the hell do you get these from? Abundance of evidence? Well, I know
    people who were abused as a child (boys): and if you were abused, you will
    NEVER have your trust for anyone, either men or women. You will be
    technically asexual, but with suffering. Stop spreading your bullshit, like
    you were threatened. If you’re straight, then you know very few about this
    as an outsider. I’m straight and I get my facts from the actual people
    mentioned in “evidences”, and not from some made up stats.

  16. Try as you might what gay folks do to have sex just mirrors what regular
    folks do… EXCEPT that male-female couples are complementary, same sex
    couples are not.

  17. Changing the “Status Quo”???? No my friend, let me put it to you
    nicely…you have bats in your belfry:( You have lost touch with your
    humanity period and reality.

  18. So why should gays have so much political power? The power to change the
    norm of all human civilization. Look, the problem is not that this is
    religious, the problem is that you want to change the norm of human
    civilization period. Humanity is far older than 2 to 4 thousand years old,
    don’t tell me that the ancient Chinese didn’t have marriage ceremonies!

  19. Gay marriage is stupid period. Each and every one of us has a mother and
    father. There is no way that you can deny that. Nation-States and Human
    Civilization derive from The Nuclear Family. And if you don’t believe that
    then you must be nuts.

  20. @sexyebonybabe And just think – if the death penalty were re-introduced for
    adulterers and other offenders as defined in that “good book”, we’d
    probably have to kill just about everyone. What’s that thing again, about
    sinners casting stones?

  21. Honestly, I have never called anyone a “faggot” or a “queer”. Being bullied
    in elementary and in middle school, I detest such language!:( Kids will
    pick any type of derogatory remark to hurl, adults should know better!

  22. @GrandInquisitor7 Amen!!!!! America is going to face the wrath of God for
    the abomination of homosexuality.

  23. gay people is nowhere even close to half of the world’s population.
    Estimates have constitantly guestimated anywhere between 3-5% Some have
    guestimated around 10%. But an accurate number may never be fully
    discovered as several are afraid to reveal themselves as such due to the
    bigotry of others, even their own families. “what if the whole world was
    gay” Enough. such a ridiculous hypothetical will never be, because there’s
    always going to be people like you around. But if you want to

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