8 Comments on “Gay Olympic medalist: Don’t boycott Sochi”

  1. Better off to boycott US corporations like Intel and facebook who like to
    exploit and rape gays on the internet. How come the US refused to sign with
    Russia to ban such exploitation? And even to ban al-Qeada recruiting
    sites??? Because the US is one of the worst offenders of human rights and
    enjoys doing it with their big PR machine to cover it all up. And owns all
    the human rights reporting agencies.

  2. is Greg Louganis bumming the Russian Tourist Board… Boycotts to work
    and yes, boycott sponsor. Money talks – IOC, Russia and sponsors like
    McDonald’s and Coca-cola you want their share of the fat cash pie – so
    boycott and hurt them in their pockets…

  3. The Russians always like Greg Louganis . I remember how we were upset when
    Greg had an accident . He is a great man .

  4. All moral Americans need to boycott the Olympics. The Olympics don’t have
    one fucking thing to do with homosexuality & doesn’t need to be made out to
    have anything to do with/to or about the Olympics. All the queers want is
    recognition for only being queer. That doesn’t have one thing to do with
    whether there r queers competing or not. The Olympics aren’t about
    homosexuality. Its about sports, & homosexuality doesn’t have one fucking
    thing to do with the Olympics. It’s really sad & pathetic this lower class
    of losers alwYs has to yell scream. & cry just to be recognized. They
    already have queer day. & thats one day to much. Your presence has no
    impact for the ok pics period. If you don’t like it, stay the fuck out if
    it plain & simple. We don’t want or need you or your kind. Move to Canada
    where your kind is accepted.

  5. Boycott still won’t change the actual legislation and view of the Russian
    people which is really the problem. Russians still think gay is a western
    disease, same thought process as the muslims

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