1. Absolutely not! Gay pride is nothing to be ashamed of, and Oreo’s are
    delicious. An epic combination! Who cares what other think?!

  2. im the only american that doesent mind gay people, everyone that hates gays
    are redneck and are ignorant, and have no respect.

  3. To the gays that were offended by Oreo! Go fuck yourselves! You should bow
    down to Oreo for having the balls to do this!

  4. people need to relax I don’t think rainbow Oreo’s are offending considering
    there flag is a rainbow symbol as well. relax folks

  5. Nope Google celebrated its birthday recently an acknowledged the great man
    behind it he was gay do your research.

  6. fuck you. you must be a redneck hillbilly american scumbag. no suprise. no
    respect, just no fucking respect at all.

  7. I am gonna take a oreo cookie.. take off the top so it only has the white
    top… and call in a warbux cookie.

  8. Uhmm, I’m gay… Why am I supposed to be offended? Seriously, A large corp
    comes out and supports gay rights, and it offends you?…. Please don’t
    think that moronic statement depicts how we all think.

  9. Not sure about google, but Alan turing, a key contributor to the computer
    was gay, and he comited suicide too.

  10. Honestly I have no idea why the gays are like wtf Oreos like seriously you
    have this huge million dollar company supporting you when lots of Americans
    don’t even support you get a raincheck guys

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