15 Comments on “Gay Rights”

  1. god, the fact that you dont give a shit about anything makes me wish you
    were my friend. XD P.S this is not a alien, nor a troll.

  2. how irrational are you to need Bible to that homosexuality is irrational;
    as long people can ration and have eyes homo will have the same problem.
    homosexuality makes no sense to rational beings

  3. and your rite the bible did say, it also said that you cant be bi eaither.
    P.S. its not rape if you like it.

  4. i think i should have a right to know everything you do behind your bedroom
    door i also want to know in great detail

  5. I feel the same way..people shouldn’t receive less nor more than others
    just because of physical appearance or personal tastes. I always tell
    people that, the only kind of people I’m racist against, is racist people.
    Someone like you who doesn’t care is the only personality I tend to get
    along with.

  6. don’t agree with humans devaluating humans, we have to keep difference
    between humans and animals

  7. first .. u look beautiful :3 is always Gay Relationships lead to disease ..
    you really don’t need more on this world we all know it’s wrong ! but what
    can we do . it will happen anyway

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