22 Comments on “Gay Rights Activist?”

  1. As I walked up to the store one day there was this horrible constant
    ringing, almost like an alarm going off. I looked around for the source and
    finally saw the woman off to the side collecting for the SA. She was
    rocking that bell something fierce. So I walked over to her while wincing
    at the earsplitting ringing and stopped in front of her. She stopped the
    ringing so she could here me talk, which was nice. “Honey, it’s just a
    bell. You’re not giving your john a handjob. Slow it down.”

  2. I’m in a pickle with the salvation army. I got yelled at by rogi (see
    rriverstone1 below 😉 already about shopping there. I like to support my
    gay friends, but I can’t see good vinyl die either. Seriously, they are not
    common anymore and when there are good ones to be saved, I see them as
    kittahz that need help finding a home. I have swore off of dropping a
    couple of bucks in the red buckets though. I’m working on changing myself :

  3. Immediate like because of Zinnea. Liked her for years. You’re right, she
    does sound smart… and backs it up with research, which means that
    appearance on intelligence isn’t just a mere illision 🙂

  4. Now you are officially Hell bound. We’ll have a great time, once we get
    organized and take it over.

  5. Agreed. Of course I was being an idiot. ZJ is one of the smartest YTubers I
    know. Way more rational than I.

  6. If I hadn’t already subscribed to Zinnia Jones, I certainly would’ve
    considered it after your recommendation. I’m a new subscriber. Just
    wondering if you’ve made a video that talks about creation step by step.
    I’m betting you might have some pretty funny things to say about that. Oh,
    and I ended up subscribing to Dgeypscun. Those puppets are hilarious. I
    look forward to future recommendations.

  7. Yea!! You successfully made sure the Salvation Army got fewer donations and
    were able to help fewer people. It Does feel good to be Right! doesn’t it?

  8. I’m homeless and Queer. I tell everybody not to donate to SA. I’d rather
    eat from the trash than take a donation from them. I’d rather sleep in an
    empty lot than 1 of their beds. “Clicktavism” actually does work. Good job.
    I think this woman’s Queer card should b revoked for not knowing this! It’s
    fundamental! We’ve known for 40 years!

  9. Congradulations! Are you now ready with all the other Athiests to wage war
    on Christmas? Take Xmas away from everyone? Not me. Maybe next year, when
    I’m feeling more miserable, the way all Atheists should. Accordsing to Pat
    Robertson 😛

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