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  1. Alec, gay people and families are part of society too. I have two gay dads.
    Am I not normal? Is my family not normal? I think we’re perfectly normal.
    My parents have been together for over 25 years. They have 3 kids, and
    we’re grown up now. Everyone in my family just has a regular life like
    anyone else. We have jobs and pay taxes, and we’re all good citizens. We’re
    not criminals. We’re not on drugs. None of us has ever been in jail. Why
    shouldn’t the state recognize our family?

  2. For me, it’s traditional society that needs protection. Gay marriages? Why?
    They can do whatever they want – with each other. But the state can refuse
    to view their relations as normal families. Why do they address the state
    and not the church? Because any priest can read a sermon about Sodom to
    them. In a couple of decades, or even earlier, pedophile rights will be in

  3. Not really. Germany is a head of many U.S. states but they don’t have the
    “most tolerant” laws towards homosexuals. Russia and other ex-Soviet states
    have some of the worst in Europe.

  4. Oh Obama please end discrimination against gays by waving your magic gay
    wand….We know you have one.

  5. Because it destroys the notion of complementary marriage and procreative
    marriage — both of which are necessary for a healthy thriving society.

  6. Actually Germany has the most tolerant laws towards Homosexuals. They just
    in fact elected a GAY deputy Chancellor! Eat that!

  7. A gay guy needs to girly-slap some sense into obama. The radicals need to
    go head hunting for generals though. Like that guy from the pentagon that
    said homosexuals are not allowed in the military because they’re straight
    up ‘against the bible’. Yes it’s terrorism, TERRORIZE the shit out of them.

  8. I wasn’t suggesting Russia or other ex-Soviet states were the “worst”
    countries in Europe, only that the gay rights movement in those areas
    hasn’t progressed as far as western Europe.

  9. You are so Right about that! and Thank you, finally someone who has not
    been bible brain washed! Zeitgeist movement.

  10. I don’t have any of the characteristics that you describe. Sorry man but
    you are wrong about gay people. Some might meet the characteristics that
    you describe, but not everyone is the same. I’m not racist, disgusting, sex
    crazed or act feminine in any way. If you actually met me most likely you
    would think that I’m just some straight dude. Please don’t generalize.

  11. That’s why America is a sick country. Would they try something like that
    here in Russia, they would be annihilated right on the place. Well, at
    least they don’t produce offsprings. Eliminate gays, religious fanatics,
    rapers and other mutants. They don’t deserve to live on this beautiful

  12. @peepeevagi “And it’s certainly here to stay”. In this country, it’ll
    “stay” back where it belongs. with you poofters in the closet. you’re no
    Christian, homo. First, I never said God hates gays, I said God hates
    homosexuality. So pay attention. Next, if you loved God, you would want to
    stop sinning. But you don’t. and it’s that unrepentent heart that will
    cause Christ to say , “I never knew you”, on Judgment Day.

  13. You cant say it doesn’t serve a purpose. If every man was a heterosexual
    and had a kid (just one), the whole world would allready be in war over
    resources due to such a massive overpopulation of the planet. And if a
    penis truly doesnt belong in thy butt, why would the prostate be in such a
    convenient position to… receive such pleasure? And plenty of straight
    people do anal too you know. And, i dunno, hating is sicker than loving.
    And it’s all about the love. And it’s certainly here to stay.

  14. @peepeevagi God hates homosexuality, condemning it five times by His Word
    in His Book, the Bible. And those billions are still there, you won’t
    change your mind on your sick perversions, you are only deluding yourself
    again. It is a choice, and you made it. take some responsibility for it for
    once. your gay gene came from mother goose. You’re as popular as the

  15. It’s cool for everyone to have the same rights legally, and they should.
    But you can never force someone to accept you. People will come around in
    their own time, if ever.

  16. do any of y’all actually fucking care if another man is gay?? WHY?!? how
    the fuck does it affect you? would you want a sharply dressed buff guy to
    steal your girl on the dancefloor? you fuckin’ want em to be straight? you
    want more competition out there? fuckin’ blueballed christians should stfu,
    keep reading their beloved biblical fairytales and keep their god damn
    superstitions to themselves. and FUCK OBAMA.

  17. sick yanks :)) AmUrica is truly land of the gays they are not just abundant
    in California but in Washington.. LOOL

  18. No way. The police will check your papers and make sure you’re sober, but
    nothing more than that. A friend of mine, a journalist from a local paper,
    spends days at the doors of the mayor’s office with a banner in his hands
    (banners change from week to week). ONCE he had to answer several
    questions, and after an hour was given back his banner and released.

  19. you are 100% correct. but if you say this in America, you will be labeled
    as a monster. white liberal idiots.

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