32 Comments on “Gay Rights Advocate Faces off with Michelle Obama”

  1. I am a Gay Retired Veteran… I have been to “Desert Storm & The Gulf
    War”… I served my Country… Where are my rights at…??? I live in a
    Bible ridden State… The State Of Arkansas… Don’t tell me I can’t heckle
    a question to The First Lady or The President Piece Of $#!+ In The White
    House… I can do anything I wish as long as I don’t break the law… So
    you two guys can go screw yourselves… I am very passionate about myself
    and my lifestyle… You want an audience… I will be more than happy to
    give you an audience… The Entire Gay Community From West To East And
    North To South And Alaska & Hawaii… And including myself… I hope you
    have enough seats…???

  2. This was basically a non-issue. But what pissed me off most about this, is
    RYAN SEACREST and his stupid ass comment.Im paraphrasing btw. “if you
    interrupt the first lady you should be arrested.” Fukn tool. Learn the

  3. I think i understand some of your thinking about the issue on
    homosexuality. You don’t separate the sin from the sinner. I believe I have
    the authority to speak on it. So I will. First of all, I think i’m the
    returned Jesus Christ so for sure i’m anti-gay. and then I find out that
    both my children are gay. Thank god the one that is only bi, daughter, got
    pregnant and gave me a grandchild. A boy named Tanner. But it’s really kind
    of like this, although I love my children immensely I hate the fact they’re
    faggots. I can’t deny that or hide it. I wish they weren’t. Because of
    genes or what ever reason. For example, I have the heterosexual gene but
    I’m still not suppose to sleep with every girl I see because it’s a sin
    because it’s not right. In fact, It is sin for me to sleep with even one
    girl if it’s out of wedlock. And every time I did it I should have looked
    down in shame because inside I should have knew or I did know I was doing
    wrong. Don’t you really think for sure that ever time a man is sucking on
    another man’s dick he should be looking down with at least more shame. What
    he is doing is way worse than what I did to the many girls I’ve known. But
    I still felt shame. Shouldn’t he for what he is doing. Now back to your
    thinking on the issue. You all at TYT think that if you say anything
    against the behavior of gay people it would look like you don’t like them
    as a human being. 

  4. Remember, if you have eaten crab, lobster, shrimp or such, you are going
    there too. Or if you have worn a cotton/polyester t-shirt.

  5. ah so you are going to take away other peoples rights because it doesn’t
    agree with you even though it doesn’t affect you in anyway?

  6. So you want me to sleep with satan? You’re such an exemplary christian,
    what with your obvious incest & gay fetishes, & your utter disregard for
    others. Have you even read the bible? Do yo know what the character “jesus”
    symbolized? You’re kinda pathetic, the way that you’re so frustrated about
    this, because you don’t understand what you’re talking about.

  7. im not just correcting some of your points, it doesn’t because homosexuals
    do not reproduce and so can not affect evolution.

  8. its not as black and white as that. very few things in this world are i
    doubt you know the inner construct of that persons mind to make such a

  9. gay is nasty and it disgust me, that’s why God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah
    and he is going to do it again. when this happens non believers are gonna
    be in for a shock

  10. But as you said other people aren’t happy with it. The activists want to
    feel equal and calling their union something different from marriage
    prevents them from feeling equal. If it is really equal then why not call
    it the same thing? It’s like if you got married and I insisted on calling
    it something different because it didn’t match my own ideals of marriage-
    that would make you feel cheated, like you were being looked down upon.
    Your friend doesn’t speak for everyone, look at the other side.

  11. 1) Jesus blending in Africa makes plenty of sense to the wise. But you are
    a foolish. You allow your carnality to judge for you. 2) Herod was not
    Jewish. He was a Roman Citizen worshiping idols. Prove he was a Jew. 3)
    Song of Solomon 1:5 KJV I am black, but comely, O ye daughters of
    Jerusalem, as the tents of Kedar, as the curtains of Solomon. 4) Exodus
    18:2 Then Jethro, Moses’ father in law, took Zipporah, Moses’ wife, after
    he had sent her back. (STUDY) JESUS WAS BLACK!! Worship HIM

  12. Hey, Lief Green, what do think “an theist” is supposed to mean?
    Jesusissaying totally lost me on that one.

  13. So literally nothing I told you sunk through your thick skull, & you’re
    actually so retarded that you still can’t use liberal right, even after I
    told you the definition? You’re painfully stupid.

  14. Do you oppose to interracial marriages? How about marriages between tall
    people and short people? How about brown eyed people marrying blue eyed
    people. Wait of how about Jews marrying Christians, should they be illegal.
    How about an 60 year old marrying a 20 year old? Should that be illegal?

  15. If you really think that Obama is a Communist, then you either don’t know
    what Communism actually is, or you watch the Fox network for your news. For
    your sake I hope it is neither. It would show profound ignorance on your

  16. How am I one sided, I countered your “logic” and you come up with this
    puerile drivel. Now apparently you know my political affiliation? What?
    Babies? I don’t recall saying any of that, you look like an idiot. It’s
    great you use all caps to show how intelligent you are. I think you’re
    confusing “sane” with “homophobic bigot”. Actually no, I have nothing
    against the act of a dick going into a vagina, in fact I very much enjoy it
    myself. Perhaps you need some, that’s why you’re so angry.

  17. Michelle handled that woman well. This was not the time or place to behave
    in this matter. She got in her face, gave her the mike. If she wanted to
    say something she should have. She was probably an implant from the Log
    Cabin Republicans. BRAVO MICHELLE. Proud of knocking that heifer down a few

  18. TheAugustSaunders 1] How could I be ignorant of the Bible when I know there
    is no mentioning of the Lemba tribe of Africa? If there is no such
    mentioning in the Bible, then how could you do a comparison biblically with
    such tribe with the 12 tribes of Israel? 2] You know the tribe of Judah &
    know not the 12 tribes of Israel? 3] You claimed that Noah was Black
    without proofs to substantiate your claim? How could Noah be Black when the
    forming of races began from the sons of Shem, Ham & Japheth?

  19. If you can’t see that GayWorldOrder, is doing a bad job of attempting to
    appear “Black” I can see sell you sand on the beach. He spells “religious”
    correctly, but then can’t spell “Legalize”? The inconsistencies more than
    indicates that he is some Right Wing Zealot who thrives on the hope that
    there are Blacks who will be an Uncle Tom and concur with his position.
    Since he can’t find one, he becomes one. Ignorance on steroids. Would your
    daughter marrying a closeted gay man make you happy?

  20. If you claim to have no negative attitude towards homosexuality then you
    either wouldn’t not agree or would agree. You can’t say you don’t agree
    with something but I have no negative feelings towards it that is a
    bullshit copout.

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