Gay Rights are NOT Civil Rights!

The LGBT or homosexual agenda’s main goal is to get protected minority class status for LGBT communities via an amendment to the 1964 Civil Rights Act, but d…

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  1. So, there is no proof homosexuality is a gene. But there is no proof
    heterosexuality is a gene either.

  2. Bill, you fit your points to please your gut. It was disappointing. OK.
    You’re only human and I’m sympathetic. I concede the level of revulsion
    that many straight guys feel about homosexuality. I get where you’re coming

    In short order:

    You get no default answer regarding the “hard-wired vs. choice” question.
    The experts have to answer that one and you’re not one of them. You went
    from “I feel homosexuality is a choice” to “all the evidence suggests it
    is” in the space of 11 minutes. That was sad. You cited the success of
    ex-gay therapy. That was worse. Did you ever consider that many so-called
    “ex-gays” lie about their conversion? I was one of them. As for the
    experts, Ex-gay therapy is completely discredited. The APAs and the AMA
    denounced the current practices. Even “Exodus”, the group that oversaw my
    experience, closed their doors last year and apologized for the harm they
    caused. It was easy to forgive them, by the way. We were desperate and they
    tried to help. If we were victims of malpractice then we went very

    You base you 2nd point regarding gay affluence on census data. Did you
    remember the bit about most gays still being in the closet? And did you
    also consider that the gays who are more likely to declare themselves tend
    to be more independent, educated, socially and financially secure than
    those who won’t? The skews the stats, you see. For your information, not
    everyone trusts the anonymity of the data collected by the Census. I don’t
    and that’s why I didn’t declare myself or my marriage when I filled out the
    form. Many gays, especially those here in GA, feel the same way. We have
    much to lose if that data were to end up on somebody’s web-site.

    By the way, I remember back in the early 90s when that rumor regarding gay
    affluence got started. It was promoted by our own activist groups in order
    to get business to look at us more kindly and seek our market. (We knew it
    was BS back then too.)

    I shouldn’t even have to go into the political disadvantages of LGBT folks
    but since you went there so will I. First, let’s be clear what this debate
    is really about. Gay activists, allies, and their opposition aren’t
    fighting over marriage, employment, housing, inheritance, or even religion.
    The real stake in this very divisive issue is the moral status of gay
    people. Politics and culture wrap around that question. Anti-gay opposition
    casts the view that homosexuality, and gays by extension, are fundamentally
    immoral and corrosive to our society. Gays activists and allies promote the
    view that gays are morally equal to straights and should be accepted. Both
    sides agree that differences exist as well as friction resulting from those
    differences. Where we disagree is who should get accommodation and who gets
    told to deal with it.

    Now you point out that gay rights struggles and the battles for racial
    equality are very different. You are correct. While they are both battles
    over civil rights the affected populations can’t be classified in the same
    way. Racial minorities are defined by common language, ethnicity, and
    culture. Each racial sub-group shares a set of common characteristics which
    are easily identified to the interested observer. Gays, on the other hand,
    come from every race, culture, and socioeconomic background. Our only
    common characteristic is our gender non-conforming sexual orientation. That
    is not an immediately identifiable trait, especially if one actively
    attempts to hide it. Now many LGBT folks exhibit many other gender
    non-conforming traits and these seem to draw the most angst. So, the battle
    for gay rights is not like the battle for racial equality. It is far more
    like the battle for GENDER equality. It’s been suggested, in fact, that gay
    men and lesbian women actually constitute 3rd and 4th genders.

    One last point if you bothered to read this far. I know that people like
    you aren’t going anywhere. No golden oratory, scientific study, or personal
    friendship with a gay person is ever going to change your mind. In the pit
    of your gut you’re always going to see a better world without LGBTs and
    roll accordingly. I respect that enough never to take you and those like
    you for granted.

  3. 3. You said — incorrectly — that the votes cast by California citizens were
    “declared by the U.S. Supreme Court to be unconstitutional.” That is
    untrue. They court declared nothing — one way or the other — about the
    votes cast in California. Re-read the opinion and consult an expert for the
    parts if you’re still confused.

  4. Gay people, in addition to not having equal marriage rights, can be fired
    without cause in many states and are often the victims of violence by
    anti-gay groups. Their relationships aren’t recognized in many states–even
    when they have a legal power of attorney. You really need to get away from
    your computer and find out what’s really going on in the world because you
    are truly delusional and your comments show that you are extremely bigoted.
    I’m not interested in hearing anything else from you.

  5. Its ironic how many of u commenters have called me a bigot. You all should
    look up the definition of words b4 using them, especially when those words
    more accurately describe u than me.

  6. There are always fools ready to swallow snake oil. The recent march on
    Cingress by so-called ex-gays resulted in 10 people turning up. You,ve
    swallowed the same oil…. Propaganda. All the ex gays admit they still
    have same sex attractions. Guess what…. They didn’t change anything
    except their behaviour. When LBGT people have equal rights you’ll find them
    going quiet. Meanwhile, enjoy your full set of hman rights hich you did
    nothing to deserve except be born straight.

  7. As many people have pointed out, people are born gay. Sexual preference is
    at least partially genetic. Yes, gay people can ‘choose’ to live straight
    lives, just as straigth people can ‘choose’ to lead gay lives. But it would
    be unnatural.

  8. You may want to google “university of georgia homophobia study” to better
    understand why you feel the way you do.

  9. PART 2: Your incorrect assumptions, plus the things of which you’re just
    totally unaware, plus a profound lack of logic, leave you totally
    unprepared for what you are trying to argue. With your main information
    source being AM radio in Salinas, California, it’s no wonder that you are
    so uninformed and misled. To get better educated, read the entire
    transcript of the 12-day federal courtroom trial, including all the expert
    testimonies, and then read the 138-page federal court decision.

  10. 8A. You said — incorrectly — “LGBT people want to be a protected class.”
    That is untrue. The concept of “protected class” is merely a screening
    process used when courts determine whether unlawful discrimination has
    occurred. LGBT people only want rights that are equal to everyone else’s.

  11. I watched your video, have it consideration, and still can’t figure out how
    to agree with any of their points. There’s a lot I’d like to say but don’t
    have enough characters. Nice attempt though, just don’t try to go to any
    serious debates… your points are very easy to dismantle…

  12. 19B. What your father reported to you is correct. Your failure to identify
    the source is no excuse for claiming that no one else knows, or that
    anything is hearsay. Finally, posting testimony on the World Wide Web in
    which you admit that you didn’t even read the research that you also are
    rejecting does only one thing: It exposes you as an irresponsible,
    incurable amateur.

  13. Ned, I really appreciate ur zeal and posting 40+ comments here and all, but
    if u want to b taken seriously in any debate in general, u must avoid
    common mistakes, namely attacking strawmen (debating points I do not argue)
    appeal to authority, appeal to majority, and conclusory statements

  14. actually there is no such link in the description. There is no “gay agenda”
    except equal rights. LOL that you’re “so sick” of hearing about gay
    marriage that you spend 20+ minutes talking about it on youtube. Also the
    FRC is a known hate group that has been demonstrated over and over to lie
    and make up studies. When did you choose to be straight?

  15. Best part of the video was at 20:35. The rest of the video is the same old
    drivel spewed by conservatives. I used to be just like you trying to fight
    the evil homo agenda of equality till I came out of the closet myself three
    years ago as Bisexual. I can assure you I had no choice in the matter when
    it came to my sexual orientation. When did you choose to be straight?

  16. You don’t seem to understand brain development. Your genes aren’t entirely
    determinative as to how one’s brain is wired. Sexual orientation is *not* a
    choice. It’s a hard wiring of one’s brain. Brain development that happens
    in the womb and in very early life. So called conversion-therapy (all
    religious based by the way) has been long determined to NOT be effective
    and even dangerous. Even Exodus International has now shut down claiming
    sexual orientation does not change.

  17. 26. You said — incorrectly — that “LGBT people are not politically
    disadvantaged.” That is false. They have been subjected to more anti-LGBT
    laws and ballot measures than any other class of Americans. The fact of
    politically disadvantage was already proven in multiple federal court cases.

  18. 6A. You admitted to “opposing the homosexual agenda” but then complained
    about being accused of “not having an open mind.” This is illogical. The
    agenda which you fear is just the same human, civil, and constitutional
    rights for LGBT people as for everyone else — no more, no less.

  19. 16B. Answer: It’s easy. Sexual orientation is immutable, but it is not
    genetic. Twins can have different orientations — just like they have
    different fingerprints — because orientation isn’t genetic. Thousands of
    mental/medical health professionals, who collectively have several million
    years more training than you do, have already confirmed this.

  20. 20. You said — incorrectly — “There’s people who have switched sexual
    orientation.” No. There aren’t. Anyone claiming that is either (a) a
    bisexual with a new partner; or else (b) a person who chose celibacy over

  21. REAL straight men aren’t obsessed with gay people. Maybe you should spend
    20 minutes thinking about THAT, you fucking idiot. Seriously. You’re
    completely stupid. Your whiny bullshit video means exactly nothing, your
    assumptions are HILARIOUS and your claim that the “homosexual lifestyle” is
    being TAUGHT is a fucking JOKE. Please do explain in detail how to teach
    someone to be gay. Your such a fucking liar when you say you want equality:
    I challenge you to live as a gay person for a year and see.

  22. 12A. You said — incorrectly — that “there are current homosexuals who say
    that they chose to become a homosexual; they made that choice. This is all
    on record and documented; if you don’t believe me, just look at the
    homosexuals from the ‘90s who went to the marches.” You are wrong, on all

  23. FYI – Please look up the writings of Corretta Scott King and Mildred Loving
    – they felt that LGBT Civil RIGHTS ARE CIVIL RIGHTS – and well, thier words
    mean More then anyone elses….

  24. No straight gene’s been found, either. Your assertion that people are born
    straight has no evidence to it.

  25. Homophobia is a sin like lying, stealing and murder. Those caught up in
    this sin should be repenting rather than trying to recruit others into it.
    Just because one has the urge to commit an immoral homophobic act, does not
    mean that one must give into that urge and record a 21-minute rant
    glamorizing and glorifying the sinful anti-gay lifestyle. As a famous
    Republican woman once said, “Just say No!”

  26. p. p. p. s – overall you seem like a person who thinks a lot, and i am not
    knocking your trying to discuss this. can i ask what do you want to change?
    is it that you do not want people to be gay, or believe that people are
    born gay? what is your end goal to this message?

  27. To the anonymous “Bill Da BurgerEater”: If you fixed all the mistakes — and
    there are dozens — in your “research” and you had only facts to work from,
    and then you still insisted that mixed-gender couples should be allowed the
    fundamental human right to marry but same-gender couples should be denied
    that very same right, then yes, you would be a bigot. But you’re not even
    at that stage yet.

  28. 25. You said — incorrectly — that “It’s an insult to the civil rights
    movement to compare LGBT rights to ethnic rights.” That is false. All
    human, civil, and constitutional rights apply to every citizen. No citizen
    is entitled to more rights — or fewer rights — based on sexual orientation,
    or ethnicity, or any other classification.

  29. What extra rights are gay people asking for? Please, do elaborate, because
    that’s so untrue I’m grossly fascinated to know where you’re drawing this
    conclusion from.

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