3 Comments on “Gay rights group applauds IOC’s recent announcement”

  1. I am tired these people using their sexual preference as staging ground in
    the olympic games. I have nothing against anyone dating, marrying and
    loving anyone whom they so choose. However using the olympic games as
    publicity stunt is unwarranted. If Russia does not want anyone talking to
    children or anyone about them being gay then don’t do it. Keep it to
    yourself. Is that really hard to do it? I do not care if anyone is straight
    or gay. Do not need to know or care. Just play the Olympic games and go
    back home(country). 

  2. flamboyantly exposing there sexual preferences, drama queens, attention
    seeking & to talk about there dirty do, its a promo of the fun you can
    have, so join them everyone a homosexual it all proper gander

  3. FABULOUS !!! say what you want but LGBT know how to throw a good party !!! 

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