24 Comments on “Gay Rights Group Shades Logo Red, Goes Viral”

  1. who cares who loves, gets married or gets divorced. We should focus on
    prosecuting those who steal that work on Wall St

  2. Omg enough with the gay shit. They only make up 3% of the US population.
    Blah it the new in thing, first its everyone hates america, then everyone
    loves obama now its support gays. Whats next

  3. I said what I was thinking and I can’t take anyone with 666 in their screen
    name seriously.

  4. I’m so tired of this shit!! I like people because they’re who they are and
    I just hate when people identify themselves as who they have sex with.
    Further more, these same people are discriminating because if you don’t
    believe in their cause you’re labeled and treated differently.

  5. The rainbow Youtube logo is little overboard. I’m all for equality but
    let’s respect all people here. Not everyone is gay.

  6. This is the most hype up situation today. We are talking about less than 2%
    of our population and they aren’t really getting mistreated. I think that
    there are better things to worry about than this

  7. You really are ignorant. Bath houses were invented centuries ago. A quick
    study of ancient history would have shown you this. There was a history
    before the USA was founded.

  8. NEWS FLASH !!! This NEVER was an equality issue. Please begin being
    truthful at least. 100% about legitimizing and justifying a disposition,
    behavior, lifestyle …

  9. Gays brought us Aides, what will be the new disease? They taught us Sodomy,
    and now there teaching 2nd graders a bought it. There also good at getting
    Cherry Boys. They invented Bath Houses, go there and it’s anybody and
    everybody. Get It On.

  10. Although I have no problem with lesbian/gay/bi/transgender people and their
    marrying, I find that this subject is brought up at times when other
    subjects should be focused on like fixing the economy or America’s
    relationship with other countries. Its almost as if we are being distracted
    from a bigger picture… Don’t want to sound like a nut but the equal
    rights flag can be mistaken for an alternate communist flag (red with equal
    signs?) At least gay people can legally cohabitate and show PDA…

  11. Utter bullshit about the bisexual thing how would you know that? What about
    all the pedophiles going after little boys?

  12. Stupidity knows no bounds.Yapping like lost hounds.Can’t hold ground. Silly
    and profound. A past sound.All you will do is drown.

  13. cont.: this isn’t an issue of life and death like the civil rights movement
    was at times… We have time to ignore marriage for a little while until
    society is less dogmatic.

  14. Live and Let Live! Be Free and Stop Trying To Deny Freedom to Others! My
    Life is not Your Life! Homophobic People are Insecure About Having Sex With
    Themselves! As Long as No Adult Messes with any Minor and any
    Adult-to-Adult Intimacy is Consensual; it is No One Else’s Damn Business!
    The Majority of Rapists and serious Pedos are not Homosexual! Most People
    are mildly Bisexual, but They Fear Being Harmed and live in denial. Most
    so-called Hetero Males fantasise about Being With Bi Females! Hmm…

  15. I know a lot of AP subscribers are ignorant homophobic religious fuck
    heads. So all I have to say to you is, gays are here to stay, and as time
    goes on they will get more and more rights. Just as women did, just as
    blacks did, so too will gays, and just like women and black people back
    then, as of now, there is nothing you can do to stop it. Go ahead assholes,
    vote my comment down into oblivion, you know in those tiny insignificant
    brains of yours that what I say is right. The good will win.

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