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  1. Excellent points! Future generations will look back at the whole anti-gay
    thing like how we look back at the slavery that existed in this country. 

  2. I always feel hope when bigots get scared and desperate but unfortunately
    this is when they are then at their most dangerous, somewhat like a wounded
    animal, they lash out physically in frustration and desperation but
    ultimately, if you wound them further, they seek the quiet and dark to
    slowly die an uncomfortable death.

  3. Am i the only one who’s beginning to roll their eyes over the gay marriage
    debate being so pervasive in all media? I support it but geez it feels like
    people think its the most important issue on planet earth, and everyone
    against it is apparently Hitler x 10

  4. *Such thing as **”gay rights”** is absurd.* Gay people are humans beings,
    and just for that much they are entitled to their human rights. Banning or
    simply not allowing from the beginning to some specific adult population
    not being able to get married is wrong in first place.

    To *legalize* *”gay marriage”* is not different from admitting a
    preexistence deep degree of segregation. A marriage #apartheid .

  5. No matter how many times they try to explain it too me I just can never
    understand why people have an issue with gay marriage. It’s such a non
    issue as far as I can see that those opposing it should feel ashamed for
    the times and money they are wasting fighting it when there are real issues
    to be dealing with.

  6. If increased liberalization is a function of time and reproductive
    generations, it makes you wonder what’s going to be the issue of the day,
    say, two or three generations from now. Maybe it will be fair and
    reasonable treatment of those undergoing devastating mental health issues.
    We might finally understand what ails them, gain some compassion as a
    society, and stop laughing at their living conditions and yelling at them
    to get jobs.

  7. You are oppressing conservatives by legalizing gay marriage.
    Best solution: Government helps the gay couples move to the state that
    already has legalized gay marriage.

  8. They are getting really desperate, and I don’t see any laws promoting
    discrimination will be ruled constitutional. 

  9. I disagree, gay rights won’t win because of a each generation being more
    “liberal”. It will happen because of struggles for gay equality. Like the
    civil rights movement and women’s rights movement. Each victory is a
    redoubt in a war for equality, constantly under siege and constantly
    besieging the systems that create oppression. 

  10. Gays are humans. They have human rights, not gay rights. You don’t get
    special rights because you are gay. You have human rights because you are

  11. I still don’t get why this is an issue. Why do people care if gays get
    married. I’m against gay marriage in much the same way I’m against
    marriage. What we need is a formal way of expressing commitment. Marriage
    hasn’t been it for a long time now.

  12. Arizona just passed a pro-religious discrimination bill (SB1062). The
    closer we get to enlightenment the harder the conservatives fight against

  13. Actually, I think the 39% of people 65+ being in favour of Gay Marriage is
    a pretty good sign that shows even older generations can be accepting of
    new ideas.

  14. I’ve said it before and I will say it again: This is why I support big
    government (despite its issues that need fixing). Where the states fail to
    secure the societal rights of people, the federal government will swoop in
    and say “Sit down and shut the fuck up, . We say
    gay-marriage is okay, so deal with it.”

  15. Personally, I think the STATE should be banned from issuing *any* form of
    official sanction or prohibition of private social associations of *any*kind.

    If you and a friend of yours want a relationship that’s been granted some
    special form of social recognition, then create your own ritual, and make
    the case to your family, friends, and colleagues, that they should
    participate in your ritual.

    By involving the state, all you’re really doing is holding a gun to
    everyone’s head, and demanding that they grant you that special social
    recognition, whether they want to or not. That’s fucking evil.

    This goes for homosexual, heterosexual, bisexual, whatever. I don’t much
    care about what orientation anyone is, or what form of companionship they
    prefer, and neither should anyone else be forced to care.

  16. It turns out that people don’t get more conservative as a pure function of
    getting older. A college education will generally make conservatives more
    liberal, and whilst they will generally become more conservative over time,
    they are unlikely to be as conservative as they were before attending
    college. The single biggest factor for increased conservatism as one gets
    older is the fact of having kids.

    All that and more, here: https://home.cc.umanitoba.ca/~altemey/

  17. I was actually pretty distraught when I found out that the vote in Maine
    for Gay marriage was 48-52 (%)

    Well then again Western and Northern Maine are filled with poor rednecks,
    Southern and Eastern Maine are the best places to live there, I’m
    unfortunate enough to live in Western Maine. 

  18. Ahh, gay rights. The problem with the argument for gay rights is not gay
    people being involved, but the notion of rights. The gay rights activist
    (and any other rights activist) must demonstrate that rights exist in some
    real way and have substance if they have the goal of avoiding arguing over
    specific group labels of people wanting mere privileges. At that point it
    becomes an issue of ought not rights and the issue of ought is similarly

  19. Meanwhile in Finland, the Parliament is discussing same-sex marriage as put
    forth by the people, and some end up talking about how unfair and scary it
    is that gay people get to use the locker rooms of their sex (not even
    gender) at public swimming pools. Yeah, ’cause that has everything to do
    with marriage…

  20. I love the fact that when christianity salesmen come to my door telling me
    homosexuality is an abomination, I can now tell them that they’ve already
    lost the culture war in America, and that if they want to enjoy their
    bigotry for a few more years they can move to hellholes like Russia and
    Uganda and see how much they like living in a place like that if that’s
    really what they care about.

  21. What scares me the most (even though the bill was over turned) was that
    Kansas actually passed a bill that DISCRIMINATED against gay couples …
    have we not learned ANYTHING from our history?!?

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