8 Comments on “Gay Rights in 2044????”

  1. It has changed for the better so much in just the past five years. I rember
    one year ago your channel asked if we had reached the tipping point with
    gay rights after we had the gay marriage election wins. Clearly we did
    reach the tipping point.

  2. Great video Jim. I’m glad that you had such a great time. Yes, the old ones
    will just have to die off indeed!!

  3. Glad you guys had a great cruise last week! That’s so true about our rights
    taking off with the advent of the internet. We started being more in
    control of the message and the truth. Great video and chat! Stay warm and
    keep that snow up north please. :)

  4. I really hope that the younger generation doesn’t have to go through what
    we had to. That my hope. I loved your comments. 

  5. Great vid Jim. I agree. It’s going to be very different in 30 years. We
    have made serious progress in a short time. Marriage equality has rubber
    stamped our relationships & there’s no going back from that. Like you say
    it can’t be stopped.

  6. Great video Jim. At least you got a preview of Spring for a while. Jim I’m
    not still completely out .Some people know. I was told what different does
    it make if I’m out if I’m not living the life style? I said I’m free of
    having to explain my words or what I look at or just being myself. I am
    still married to my wife(female) and love her for 32 yrs but I am who I am.
    Is this wrong!

  7. 30 years from now,i’m sure the gay rights movement will have progressed
    tremendously because, we’re already moving in the right direction in so
    many ways but at the same time some countries are moving in the opposite
    direction like Russia, and India to name a few.worldwide most of this
    homophobia is coming from conservatives stuck in the past.not trying to
    sound negative but it will be a good thing when most of this older
    generation is gone. They’re the ones responsible for all the hatemongering
    against gays. It’s not this younger generation, it’s this older
    generation.they won’t accept diversity in any form, but that’s their loss,
    not ours!.

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