5 Comments on “Gay Rights in America by Brad Reed”

  1. It took them a while but the fact is that after women got the right to vote
    the first thing they did was to start killing their children. And if its a
    girl NOW wants the right to abort on that grounds. The war on women starts
    by her & w/in her. Sorry. Where is the “Right to life, liberty, and the per
    suite of happiness” nor denial “with out a fair trial.”. Being black is
    natural. Try changing Your diet & stay away from “Soy Toxins”. Even if you
    were molested when You were younger. Regards.

  2. Kudo’s goes out to Brad!!! I’m from Scottville, Michigan so I know how you
    feel! My mom has a summer buisness just north of Scottville ‘Cow Palace
    Antiques’ I work there when I myself am not working in the summer time & I
    know exactly what your talking about! I really feel bad for people who WANT
    to have a same sex marriage because now our government thinks it’s okay to
    ban it. THANKS BRAD FOR THE AMAZING VIDEO & I’m definatly going to share
    this with my friends & family.

  3. Thanks for standing up for equal rights for everyone, Brad! I’m lucky to
    live in the San Francisco Bay Area… where we don’t really see these
    issues, but it’s great to see straight residents of Ludington recognizing
    the diversity that exists in the rest of the world! Hats off to you for
    having the strength to stand up for what you felt–even if it felt like it
    went against the local belief.

  4. it took great courage to stand up and write that letter in a small
    community….makes me proud to have been raised in ludington.

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