48 Comments on “Gay Rights In Jamaica – A Crime Against Humanity”

  1. @Tentfire As I was good in Biology when I took it, I’m aware that humans
    are classied with animals, separately from plants. However, I’m not going
    to give you a dissertation in every comment so that you feel satisfied that
    I’m more educated than your stupid Gay tail.

  2. @idaman12345 you sound so fucking stupid! having sexual desires towards a
    member of your same sex is fucking SICK. it’s one of the sickest sexual
    deviances. along with sexual desires towards children. along sexual
    satisfaction from rape. NO FUCKING DIFFERENCE you ALL have a SICK
    DISGUSTING desire of the most filthy twisted natures. ANYONE WHO THINKS

  3. @idaman12345: HIV AIDS has bankrupted the NHS in the UK, there is no NHS in
    Jamaica, these diseased people is a drain on the economy, if people want to
    be GAY, is fine if you have millions to care for your self when you
    develope HIV AIDS. No Government should take responsibility for these
    diseased people who have no consideration for their own future and their
    old age, that is why it’s Banned in the BIBLE.

  4. shut your trap homosexuality is wrong… “batti man fi dead” p.s your plan
    wont work not in jamaica, thats like saying racism is going to stop in
    america you might convince somee but not all

  5. @legallypretty Your diagnosis is: emotionally disturbed with propensity for

  6. big ups to the young ppl in this video. i’m pleased to see young mindes
    that are open without prejugdice. it was really refreshing to hear young
    adults speaking on homosexuality and not calling someone a punk or fag like
    95% of most young adults do. America take notes from these teens it sounds
    like have the anwser since most adults don’t.

  7. @spoonmonkey14 You sick, sick, thing who isn’t the man your mother gave
    birth to you to be, instead you’re less than a man, lusting after men
    dressed as women. You’re a self-described bisexual who’s attracted to
    “trannies”, how mentally-disturbed. So, pot think before you criticize the
    kettle. In additon, you’ve tried to make fake advances towards me, as if
    I’m on your low-level. Only desperation would lead me to involve myself
    with a known freak ! STOP SENDING COMMENTS TO ME !

  8. @mentalgain actually you are wrong while pedophiles and rapists are sick in
    the head gays arent sick in the head

  9. @eviltreemonster Who cares about your friend who is a profiler for the FBI?
    Was that comment meant to scare me? Chances are your friend is another Gay,
    as I’m aware that LGBT people are all over the place, especially in

  10. @legallypretty We’ve been through this before, I’m an college educated
    woman who owns my business. I’m extremely aware of HIV/AIDS prevention and
    have been tested so, sorry to disappoint you but I’m HIV/AIDS free. You
    uneducated, limited vocabulary, toilet mouth, piece of trash who’s on the
    Internet as much as you accuse others of being. Get a life, lesbian whore.
    Stop trolling for lesbian sex because all you would get from me is some
    soap in your filthy mouth. Female dog!

  11. @idaman12345: Have you seen the devestating effects of HIV AIDS in Africa,
    we don’t need to spread disease in the world, it’s anti-social, because the
    Zionist wants to destroy family life and family values. I have said all I
    wish to say on the subject. The promotion of Abortion, wars Homosexuality,
    STOP IT and THINK for your self.

  12. why can’t they just blow up Jamaica and get it over with. too many ignorant
    ass bitches there… please blow up Jamaica.. kill them all..

  13. @AllTruth1 this is because condoms arent given to the men in prison. so
    they have inprotected sex or a use paper bag which wont help much to try
    and protect themselves. i feel they should give condoms. cause whever these
    bisexuals/gays are released from prison they spread the disease.

  14. @AllTruth1 No its not meant to scare you. You are obviously too scrambled
    to see past who I am and get to know the real person. If it hadn’t been for
    a Christian upbringing, You might have been all right. Oh well, I guess
    we’ll never know.

  15. @idaman12345: All the people who want to spread white mans disease, all
    Black people need to tell these low life ZIONIST to go to Germany to
    pratice their Nastiness. And stop forcing their diseased self on normal
    humanbeings all Satanist Jews have one agenda to corrupt the world. Run
    these people out of your country.

  16. @AllTruth1 you dont deserve a rational argument, you nazi fuck. people like
    you, they dont survive outside their country. and thats just gonna get
    smaller and smaller. I take it from the rate of responses i seem to be
    getting you’re quite passionate. Lost enough sleep? is it really worth it?
    what if the thought lingers?

  17. @spoonmonkey14 To date, I have NOT attacked any Gays and lesbians, instead
    I’ve posted on YouTube my very strong views about Gays. However, if given
    the opportunity to help enact laws in Jamaica to execute undercover
    homosexual and bisexual men then I would rise to the opportunity.

  18. See, I think Jamaica may be a target that can actually be influenced.
    Because the biggest industry in Jamaica is their tourism. It would be a
    very effective thing for the people of the world to say “Hey, I ain’t going
    to come and support an economy that treats people unethically” But nice
    point you said about slavery… and to everyone else spouting “the bible
    says it’s wrong” Well, the bible also endorses slavery… It even says that
    “slaves, obey your masters” So, yeah, that’s a thing

  19. @desi100000: If that is not a Joke, WHY can’t people stop being monkies,
    the reason they promote Gay and Les, because they want to wipe you out.
    Rockerfeller Foundation, the Eugenics Society, want you all dead, and the
    best way is to prevent you breeding and re producing. That is why they are
    killing the youths, that is why they flood your neighbour hood with Drugs,
    and use it as a reason the shoot you. Please people wake up.

  20. @RyleighRO Instead of debating about a small island as Jamaica why dont you
    target a whole country like suadi arabia and zimbabwe which has more of a
    high rate of attacking gay people. The actual truth is behind some of
    Jamaica’s violence and aggression is largely to do with slavery many slaves
    copied thier capturer’s hostile antic’s and as they didnt know any better
    it got past down to many genaralisation’s. Please study jamaica’s history
    then you shall get a better understanding of jamaica.

  21. @idaman12345 a.k.a. idiotman a.k.a. insaneman A book written by man – ?
    Well, it’s my belief that men translated the Bible into various languages
    from the original Hebrew scriptures which were written by prophets of the
    Most High who inspired those men to write the book. Save your
    anti-religion, fake book theory because I’m immune to it.

  22. So, because your piece of toilet paper says it’s wrong everyone else has to
    live by that standard. Wait a second, the bible also says that slavery is
    right and even says “Slaves obey your masters” It also says that people
    should be stoned to death for working on a sunday. So either you are going
    to start following all the stupid fucked up laws your holy piece of text
    says or don’t follow any of them you ignorant cunt.

  23. @Tentfire The word deluded has a description of you next to it. You can
    keep your “tit for tat” comments coming and I will respond, demonstrating
    that I’m unmoved by your ranting, while you demand I accept gays.

  24. @mentalgain speaking the truth makes someone sound so fucking stupid? facts
    are facts you should try it one time being gay is different than a rapist
    and child molester

  25. @ Rainderr Have you been to Jamaica? Yet, you’re showing adolescents
    speaking as if they witnessed gays being beaten & killed in Jamaica. It
    appears that you’re a white American, making you a hypocrite because white
    racism isn’t obsolete & perhaps even practiced by you. As a member of a
    race which brutalized, dehumanized & killed Native American & African
    Americans, you should make amends to those groups and after that you may
    point your fingers on another ethnic group. Leave Jamaica alone!

  26. @legallypretty You filthy, female dog who stoops on all four, licking and
    sucking like the nasty canine who you are. Find another female dog like
    yourself to spew your filth on. I’m sick of your uneducated, sewage mouth,
    ranting as if you are saying anything with value. You are one of the worst
    examples of a Gay person. I’m blocking you.

  27. @AllTruth1 I know and those straight pedophiles. Well we might as well just
    say straight people.

  28. Mek i sah something you know you guys shouldd get your information straight
    befor you talk. Gays in jamaica ar not being killed more that anyone else
    in jamaica…. Why you guys no put up a video about the people who killing
    normal every day people for nothing…

  29. we nuhb waaant NOOOO chi chi man bout ya! and if you a chi ci man yuh cyaan
    stay oon ya!!!!! BULLET MI SEH

  30. @AllTruth1 Homos and bis DO NOT molest young kids. Leave that to the
    Catholics and Muslims. Don’t compare us to pedophiles. Because thats the
    same thing as accusing us of peing pedophiles. I may not get on with you
    but I would never accuse you of anything like that.

  31. @AllTruth1 you ever done any undercover ops into the gay community? because
    you’re SO knowledgeable! I know for a fact that you’ve had to have touched
    another woman. at least once. Atoms are what make me up, I deal in history
    and science and knowledge I enjoy music, life and friends and i promote
    love to those who are kind. if you wanna say that’s filth, you go ahead.
    you have no idea how hillarious it’s been listening to you. You’re a
    discussion topic now. the punchline of a joke.

  32. @legallypretty Bull dagger, get on all four, stick your bull dog looking
    face between the legs of all the femme lesbians that you service on the
    regular. Wuf, wuf !

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