34 Comments on “Gay Rights Movement “Censoring” Anti-Gay Voices!”

  1. Brown insists outfits like the FRC don’t have operations aimed at shutting
    out from media voices with which they disagree. In reality, the American
    Religious Right[tm] maintains an entire megamillion-dollar-a-year industry
    devoted to doing exactly that. GLAAD, the source of Brown’s complaints,
    represents a tiny minority, and has a total annual budget of $5.8 million.
    The American Family Association alone has an annual budget of $20 million,
    and that’s only one of the seeming infinity of right-wing orgs devoted to
    blackballing from media voices like those of GLAAD.

  2. When talking about civil rights, there is no legitimate reason to allow
    regressive bigots equal time with those who support equality.

    In discussion over interracial marriage, it would be unheard of for a
    legitimate news source to invite a KKK member to “balance” the opinion that
    interracial marriage is a good thing. In forty years, I have no doubt that
    people will think something similar about this kind of anti-gay bigotry.

    P.S. to Brown: The Greek, Roman, and Macedonian empires, along with the
    early Holy Roman Empire, all had legal marriage statutes for same sex
    couples that were equal to those of straight couples.

  3. While I have nothing but contempt for people who opposite gay marriage and
    wish to halt legislature and such that helps push gay rights forward, I’m
    not a fan of unfair censorship, either.

    It’s important, also, that one be critical of both sides of an issue in
    order to keep yourself fair and reasonable, even if the group you normally
    support does not follow suit.

    Censoring those who disagree with you is (at least those who are willing to
    be civil) does not usually reflect very well on those who censor them.

    Not that I’m disagreeing with David, I’m just speaking in general terms. 

  4. david are you really this unintelligent?all he ever does is argue in his
    “interviews.” And I thought Piers Morgan was awful

  5. There is most certainly is censorship of those who do not share the gay
    agenda. Such as when Donnie McClurklin was uninvited to perform at a civil
    rights event or when HGTV fired the Benham Brothers after offering them a
    television show and signing a contract with those young men. It happens all
    of the time. 

  6. Gay Voices have been shut out for far too long. The tables have been
    turned. Now Anti-Gay Voices are being shut out. So what?

  7. It doesn’t matter what anyone’s religious or biblical opinion is about
    marriage equality because the Bible is not a legal document and in America
    we have separation of church and state. Furthermore, allowing same-sex
    couples to get married is not “redefining” marriage. It’s simply extending
    the freedom of marriage to an entire minority group of Americans that have
    been denied that right for years.

  8. Idiocy should be silenced. Especially when such idiocy is a direct assault
    on the rights of individuals or a specific group of individuals.

    Anit-gay people are not promoting open discussion. They are promoting their
    specific theology that is based in archaic tradition. There are not
    logical arguments against gay rights. Only hate. We don’t give Nazi’s or
    NAMBLA pedophiles their fair airtime either.

  9. Thanks DOC BROWN, the reason the messages below are so hateful is because
    they know your points are valid. And while it is fun to chuckle at them, it
    is disturbing to see so many people embrace censorship and the silencing
    others they disagree with. 

  10. What would be the point of censoring these nutjobs? We’ve heard it all
    before. “I don’t support killing gay people… but god does.” “It’s
    unnatural.” “It will harm marriage as an institution.” “We must protect the
    children from being recruited.” When these numpties have something new to
    say, let me know.

  11. what’s really sickening is that I’m a 32 year old gay man who still lives
    (more or less) in the closet because of stupid people like this piece of
    shit and HE’S the one worried about being censored out of existence? fuck
    this guy and everyone like him.

  12. if he’d rather not be censored, stop saying stupid bigoted hateful shit.
    Cuts both ways. He can say it, but is not magically free from society using
    it’s rights to condemn it

  13. This is ridiculous… “freedom of speech” refers to government enforced
    silence. It doesn’t prevent douche from being treated like a douche, if you
    behaviour like a douche… why shouldn’t people allow to treat you like
    one? As for “standing up”… people who actually stand up for something
    often get treated badly, this bitch can’t take what he deal out. He also
    clearly forget that people have the right to not want to listen to his

  14. This hatemonger is not being censored, he is promoting the Hitler style
    propaganda that led to the holocaust!

  15. It isn’t just about the term marriage to these people. Many states have
    laws where they said no marriage between two gay people so ok they try to
    get a civil union or domestic partner registry and the same groups threw a
    fit and said, no, that’s still too much like marriage. Ok, so fine, you
    can’t even compromise, so gay people will fight you till the end to get
    what they want because they are fully vested in the issue whereas the
    anti-gay crowd have nothing vested and will lose interest.

  16. Dr Brown has authored five scholarly books on Jewish Objections to Jesus.
    For David and Louis, try something different in your reading patterns.

  17. His deflection at the end is ridiculous. Rather than address the very real
    legal, financial (and social) inequality inherent in denying same-sex
    marriage rights he dodges the issue by talking about his personal
    motivations for getting married. Not good enough Dr Brown.

  18. Dr Brown always mentions the fact that when he met his wife, the last thing
    on his mind was a the legal or financial side of it. The same goes for gay
    people. However, I am sure if he died, the legal issues would affect his
    loved ones enormously. It would affect the future of his organisation’s
    ministry, his wife’s future well-being, and even the well-being of his
    children. Not buying it, Michael. Sorry. 

  19. I can sum up his argument like this, “we can’t have marriage equality
    because it goes against MY particular religion that everyone should be
    forced to conform to.”

  20. Wow, don’t watch Pakman too often, but he pretty much owned that guy. Then
    again, if you have a logical mind, anybody can own a person arguing from a
    religious moral perspective.

  21. Going to have to visit his website and send him a respectful comment.
    Chemtrails. Lebron Paul 2016!

  22. your bible is outdated and wrong and nobody cares about you beliefs only
    based on that book. these are the same people using the same reasons that
    were once against interrracial marriage. literally cut and paste. sure.
    different verse but same justification

  23. Well, Mr Brown, 1.30 into this and you’re already misrepresenting the
    facts. Censorship? This has nothing to do with censorship. The GLAAD
    Accountability Project is nothing more than it says it is, if you are
    listed, it’s a place where your very own words are easily available for
    others to ‘read through.’ You’re free to speak and you do speak. Perkins
    is on air all the time. Your credibility is zero, but keep speaking!

  24. Yes, because gay people and their families don’t “cherish” the institute of
    marriage like you and your ilk does, Dr. Brown.

    Poor you, fighting this “sudden” wave of human sexual “re”definition
    against the change of an ingrained, traditional component to
    civilization… you know how Marriage has never changed in the thousands of
    years it’s been around, right?

    It’s not as though the threat of death and torture these past 600 years in
    an emboldened effort by Christian missionaries around the world to stunt
    the public identity of Homosexuality within all worldly societies had
    anything to do with a strict man-woman definition, am I right? Because
    those threatened would surely be out on the streets, proclaiming their love
    in equal vigor as those with heterosexual relations.

    Your religion stunted a portion of the population for years in relation to
    marriage and societal growth, and now you’re crying about being censored
    for doing the same thing in this century? Get off the stage.

  25. Just a cursory look at many anti gay / anti marriage equality channels on
    You Tube would show that they are heavily censored – posts often don’t
    allow replies – negative comments are removed however polite & none zealots
    are blocked 

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