26 Comments on “Gay rights now US foreign policy priority?”

  1. I notice that the interviewer has tough questions for the guy who supports
    the American policy…nothing to say to the homophobe.
    Who would have guessed on RT?

  2. Now they call it Freedom but did they think of its consequences over the
    long term ??!!!

  3. LOL…my comment was voted down:). Americans can’t vote,only U.S. Citizens
    can, but I did live in the San Fernando Valley where one of the biggest
    atomic melt downs happened at Rocketdyne (nice subject to research if you
    haven’t already). cheers!

  4. gay rights b4 human rights? this is white racism is disguise. they will
    throw any distraction out here to avoid the genocide in america taking place

  5. Ask any heterosexual about gay people and they get quite squeamish about
    the subject. It’s a natural reaction for heterosexuals not an immoral one
    to not like the idea of gay people. But it’s completely immoral to dictate
    to gay people based on those opinions as it completely goes against human
    rights. We shouldn’t be so critical of people who don’t like gay behaviour
    but we should be critical about people who actively try and criminalise it
    in some way or form. Live and let live.

  6. So are you saying that if somebody has a kid,then gets into a same sex
    relationship,that persons kid should be taken away just because you think
    they SHOULD NOT raise children… That is messed up!Who do you think you
    are and what gives you the right to take away someones kid?

  7. jajajajaja I’m gay but your comment is hilarious. the selfish gay people
    taking all the rainbow.

  8. its time for the american ppl to wake up to the left right bullshit,u dont
    have freedom we havent had it since early 1900,our land was taken over by
    tyrants late 1800s,but we will gain our freedom again,the tyrants r few
    while we r many,they will be crushed once the righteous stand up,the
    protectors will step up when it is truly needed we r needed now,it is time
    for us to stand up to save hummanity before it is to late,u will not rule
    us nemore cowards,the shadows wont keep u hidden nemore

  9. So nice to hear the fag talk about the US mission to spread freedom around
    the globe while the same US has the most people in prison as any other
    country in the whole world.

  10. I know but those Fox News,Kirk Cameron freaks are making it a big issue of
    this. Also RT America are always talking about this fucked up economy.

  11. practicing homosexuals should be killed brutally. drawn and quartered would
    be an acceptable way.

  12. That’s some good logic there, labeling Mexicans and Latin Americans as less
    than human (Yes that was sarcasm). I agree that illegals are a problem, but
    the real problem is that our immigration system clearly needs a serious
    overhaul. If we didn’t have such a difficult process we might actually have
    productive citizens from foreign countries. I have no problem with people
    coming from Mexico or Latin America, we just need to do it right.

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