2 Comments on “Gay Rights Restored: Proposition 8 Unconstitutional-9th Circuit Time”

  1. He is hateful, homophobic and uneducated. He is full of hot air. He can
    talk about vagina, feces, penis, and anus but when it comes to what women
    use and doesn’t even no what its called. Its a dildo dummy. We know this
    guy and he certainly is not welcome to any law firm in San Francisco
    because of his hate. I guess he just committed employer suicide.

  2. i say let every one live the way they want; I would never try to persuade a
    gay person to live different. I believe most gay people have considered the
    alternative. That is their choice, inclination or destiny. I cannot change
    any reality. Have a nice life and marry all day long, for my part.

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