4 Comments on “GAY RIGHTS SPEECH!”

  1. Gesundheit ! 00:16
    Speach was o.k., but just a bit to fast talking to an audience that
    eventually has to re-think was you just said.
    So where you live at…is there a Christopher Street Day Parade? Here in
    Berlin, Germany it will be only like 6 weeks before the event. If I have
    time, I always go there to support the LGBT rights – not beeing gay myself!
    Around 700,000 people show up each year. I´ve made a video on my YT channel
    in 2012, take a look if you want.
    Oh and here in Berlin our Mayor in gay too…..and during a well know
    speach in 2001 he said: “Ich bin schwul – und das ist auch gut so!“ – well,
    you speak German so you know what he said!

  2. Nathan you did great on your speech! Made me proud as a gay guy myself that
    more people aren’t afraid to show who they are in school and what they
    believe. I agree that its stupid gay people aren’t allowed to give blood
    like they are the only people infected with HIV. Anyways… hope your
    computer gets better. I’ve had my 2007 windows vista for 7 years now and
    my screen goes black to.. Could be just that its getting old.. 

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