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  1. Safe ground inso far as it is outside of mainstream society, and has by its
    very nature been where different sexual orientations where forced to be
    should they wish to act upon how they are. It does not go as much as a
    suprise after a very long time of this the gay community happens to ledge
    onto that same club scene. Thing’s do not just go away because you want
    them too.

  2. who cares who spreads it? we are running out on time to find out which
    Laboratory produced it

  3. You guys are retarded, its the whole argument of, you give a kid a block
    that’s accepted as green, you tell him its red for the rest of his life.
    Hes not gonna fucking believe you if after 50 years you now say its green.
    He had this put in his head that its wrong, deal with it. Slavery went on
    for hundreds of years before people realized what was going on and why it
    was wrong.

  4. Marriage equality isn’t about just letting everyone marry who- or whatever
    they want. It’s about allowing two consenting adults who love each other
    get married. Pedophiles are attracted to children, who are not consenting
    adults. Necrophiles are attracted to the dead, who perhaps once were but
    are no longer consenting adults. I’m not sure what a pyromaniac is but I’ve
    never heard of someone wanting to marry fire.

  5. I think we need to stop arguing about what he talked about in the video and
    simply be amazed at the fact that we can now watch Stanley in 480p.

  6. wow, faggot? that is the best you can do? I am completely heterosexual, but
    I am just human being who has more sense than you do, clearly. did you know
    that homosexuality was in fact quite normal before church started saying
    that it was wrong? and before you start about my religion, I am lutheran,
    and we are bit more open minded than other christians.

  7. >Could any other group have gotten away with spreading AIDS? >implying
    black people don’t exist

  8. Gays are all the same. Call for tolerance then demand that the church or
    any1 else who does not share there view have there way of life changed
    because they must have what they want ?

  9. most likely Aids came from the Green monkey in Africa – homosexual
    prostitutes brought it to a Carabien island used by gays as a vacation spot
    and they brought it back to SanFrancisco and New York and from there ,
    around the world..That is how it spread in the beginning..

  10. unsubscribed. Gay people spread diseases? NO. It is a fact know that hetero
    people actually spread diseases way more than gay people. And in my
    opinion, I hope that in future, everything will be different.. Honestly,
    this is like the race issues, but with sexuality.

  11. Ya, some of us had dear friends that died to aids. My friend was a
    respected teacher in the air force 1970’s. His attraction/lust and fear of
    ruining his military career led him to a public bathroom in New Mexico.
    That sexual encounter resulted in his aids infection. For his old fuck to
    make a video about how gays aren’t that great because they spread the aids
    virus is ridiculous, after the internet has shown him so much love. It’s
    not his fault, he’s just an old perv that’s ignorant.

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