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  1. @underbjorn you obviously do not understand how most saudis think. most of
    them think the election is put in place because the king bowed to
    international pressure. If anything the elections brought most people to
    the side of the “clergy” and against the monarchy

  2. WTF is the guy on the left talking about? Since when did liberals not
    support the troops? There’s a big difference between supporting the troops
    and supporting the Iraq war.

  3. @leedaomillz what in gods name are U talking about? I dont get your
    comment. Its as if U were stressing behind your PC bcuz youre struggling 2
    create a comment 2 properly insult someone U dont even know & will never
    meet & sad enough youre failing at it. Wow, what a life U have 😉 . btw
    when you DO manage to realize you have no purpose in life bcus you actually
    try your very best to win a flamewar that you pulled out of your ass,..
    have you allready decided what to write in your suicide note?

  4. The audiance reactions there really made my skin crawl, im with cwonchung
    on this one, but lets switch out the truck for a bulldozer driven by lord

  5. @Hughganaught In case you didn’t get it: You are the one who identified
    yourself as a pervert. You are the one who enjoys these bizarre homosexual
    fantasies enough to make them up in your own imagination. They don’t
    correspond to anything in the real world. Personally if that is what you
    think about while jerking off, that’s fine with me, but then look to the
    beam in your own eye, before the mote your brother’s.

  6. The people that applauded the number of executions committed in Texas and
    booed the gay soldier are the same people that looked at Trey Park and Matt
    Stone’s “Team America: World Police”, which was a satirical look at the
    hubris of American militaristic bulling in the world and the pseudo
    patriotic fervor that animates such militarism, and thought it was a homage
    to American patriotism. In other words these people are literal minded
    simpletons, with the maturity level of children.

  7. @Mrinebriation — Yes I never said anything else. The clergy is always the
    enemy of progress, as a European it’s the first thing you know when you
    study basic medieval to renaissance history.

  8. @Hughganaught You really think it’s a virtue to live your life in fear of a
    tyrant? I bet you would have loved to live in Stalin’s Russia, then. Don’t
    your get it? Your god doesn’t exist, and your idea of god is Stalin writ
    large. pitiable really, except you want to force everyone else into you
    cramped little coffin of belief–s you freely admitted, traitor.

  9. @Rao665 — Yea sorry, you are mixing up priests with philosophers which
    aren’t necessarily te same. I see names like Galileo are completely lost on

  10. @Rao665 A vulgar comment from somebody on the internet who disagrees with
    me for no apparent reason, such rarity,

  11. @Rao665 — It’s your view of the benevolent, progressive clergy that’s
    hilarious if you were too dumb to read that. I said “your hilarious
    proposition” not “Howe hilarious that Galileo was tortured”, or do you read
    in another language?

  12. @Hughganaught Your attidtude is the product of religion and it’s really
    quite sad to see people talk like that. To think how inhumanely the
    Christians would treat people other than themselves if they could…

  13. And Republicans who support same-sex marriage, it is imperative that you
    speak up and make your views known to your lawmakers and party leaders.
    Change can’t happen without your vocal support. Please help promote the
    petition above on your social media as well.

  14. @suds0623 It was more than 3 people and it was loud enough to be heard on
    the mic. However, that’s beside the point. The point is that none of the
    candidates spoke up about it. They chose instead to be silent. Why would
    any solder regardless of their sexual orientation want to serve under
    someone like that? Regardless of whether or not the man was gay he served
    before the fact. They owe this man for his service and they paid it in

  15. He’s fighting for your f333king democracy in a stupid war that is destined
    to end badly because their is no good way to end it and these people are
    booing him. How can these people call themselves patriotic American or
    peaceful Christians

  16. @heavensunshine100 I would disagree that God’s word is understandable. For
    example, the bible states (very clearly) that ‘thou shall not kill.’ But it
    also lists the numerous crimes that are punishable by death. Surely that
    commandment should have an asterisk by it – *Unless the murder is
    sanctioned by the state and/or for retribution purposes.

  17. @Rao665 — The term comes again from basic education of the earth in the
    middle instead of the sun, I have read about Galileo you know, in contrast
    to you as is immediately obvious. Your lack of education is quickly
    unraveling, but keep going about how good it was with burning those who
    spoke their mind and executing proponents of progress.

  18. Soooo glad I don’t live in the US! Would drive me crazy that so many red
    state people live with such a mean hearted, faux judeo-christian mindset.
    It’s great to have small pocket of good media (on the absolute fringe like
    these guys), but the main stream is so riddled with hypocrites and
    genuinely bad people… Nothing could be further from Christian.

  19. @Rao665 — Yea they don’t run it now. Why? Because priests are not
    considered scientists or proper to run academic institutions except perhaps
    theology as long as they mix it up with gods and unicorns. . No, I spoke of
    the Saudi clergy in 2011 in particular, you then changed it to the Roman
    Empire which is on you and not me.

  20. @heavensunshine100 Also, in Deuteronomy 24:1-5 the bible states that a man
    can divorce his wife if he no longer likes her but in Mark 10:2-12 it
    states that divorce is wrong and a sin. So which is it?

  21. @goaroundtherain That’s your opinion. I’d hate to be in your shoes when you
    find out diffrent.

  22. Many liberals know more about the Bible than you conservatives. I think
    you’re the one ignorant on that subject. I dream of a world where there
    aren’t any sick and twisted religions like yours anymore.

  23. booing a gay soldier? applauding death? good fucking god, they’re
    disgusting. is there a country out there where there aren’t any of these
    people? if so, I’d love to move there.

  24. @MetalliCxZero They will have a bright afterlife. I went to public school,
    where I learnde outcome based spelling. I’m to busy to use spell checker…

  25. @Lynx787 By placeing oil out reach. Or trees or brush that can’t get cut is
    elevateing nature to a shrine. It is idolotry. Certenally NOT what God
    created nature for.

  26. @Lynx787 Did man invent god as a crutch to explain that what they didn’t
    understand? Or did God create man in him image to take dominion in the

  27. @jackthayer really, you were gonna say sorry after insulting my parents
    which in my eyes is worse than callin you ‘big boned’? Not buying it.

  28. All the GOP clips made me so sad and all the intelligent commentary made by
    David, Michael, and Ben made ma a little better

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