20 Comments on “Gay Student – From Hate to Hope – Chevi Rabbit”

  1. I feel for you man. You answered these rednecks correctly by saying “Thank
    you” when they insulted you. This stays with you for a while and you say to
    yourself later on, I should of did this or that. You did the right thing.
    These 3 individuals were probably intoxicated, and no logic would come from
    these primitive asswipes. They only understand violence, beer and pig
    fucking. They are scum of society, that is why we have the prison
    system.let them fuck each other

  2. How anyone could hate, much less harm, someone so beautiful is beyond me!
    All blessings to you, Chevi.

  3. This is a horrible incident. I’m glad you weren’t hurt further Chevi. No
    one should have to be exposed to this kind of stupidity. Shame on the
    people making ignorant comments on this thread. 🙁

  4. Hate crimes are unacceptable.There are many young souls out there who do
    not understand and who are ignorant. We are all born unique and are meant
    to come into this life journey the way we are. Some paths are harder then
    others and people need to learn to love and except us for who we are. You
    have a lot of supporters who do care. Stay strong!

  5. Hello Chevi, Thank you for taking the time to share your experience with
    us. I am glad to hear you are okay, and so many people around you showed
    love and compassion afterwards. You are right, we are all different in our
    own way and people need to except us for who we are regardless of our

  6. It is such nasty and abusive behavior much of the church is behind, and I
    say this because whenever time a LGBT person is attacked I don’t hear or
    see the church coming out to condemn such RUTHLESS and inhumane actions,
    but why should they when they are the ones who encourage the culture of
    discrimination that plagues society? God is a righteous God and I know He
    will avenge the pains of the innocents. I do hope real decent and true
    followers of Jesus will come out and STAND for righteousness!

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