6 Comments on “Gay Youth at Boston University Speaks About State of Gay Rights Movement”

  1. What I like in the new wave of the LGBT movement is that hysteria is no
    more its mundane attribute. 

  2. Hi guys. Just wanted to let you know things like this do help people. It
    shows “you’re not the only one”. Zac’s story was what brought me here.
    Thank you for being so brave – all of you. It makes a difference, like I
    said. What makes me giggle about the comment below is how badly it’s
    written. Says a lot for stupidity and bigotry going hand in hand.

  3. gayness will NOT be tollerated in this small group based in the UK, you
    would be frown upon and possibly struck if you didnt get the message – Karl
    Holton (HUGE role model in the South Wales area)

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