Gays in Jamaica ! :(

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23 Comments on “Gays in Jamaica ! :(”

  1. while i don’t agree with that kind of lifestyle, i believe to each his own.
    just don’t flaunt it in public. yeah i know there are people who are proud
    of it and what not, but theres a difference between showing it off with
    pride, and shoving it down someone’s throat. no pun intended :/

    ps; fun fact – homosexuality is actually found in hundreds of animal
    species (any animal species known to have sex for pleasure is also known to
    engage in homosexual activity). homophobia is only found in one.

  2. Taj hunty continue to be you. I never understood how someone’s life choice
    could interfere with someone else’s life. You being homosexual does not
    effect me in any way. And if someone has a problem, don’t click on the
    video sheeesh. Taj baby DO YOU BOO.

  3. Gays in Jamaica are too flamboyant ..those supposed gully queens u saw in
    that video robbed us one night with knives so dnt for a w think they are
    nice .I don’t see why if they are gay they have to be so loud and
    obnoxious…its as if bring gay to these guys means being a sketel
    need to come here and see how they really behave ..mek dutty vice gawn
    cause all those loud and obnoxious misfits did was put on the show …every
    summer i work and interact with gay ppl and none of them behave as
    illiterate and vulgar and these sketels

  4. This is sad…I respect everyones opinion, however I don’t respect sooo
    many Jamaicans homophobic views. It is so terrible that they can’t be
    themselves. I wish they could seek refuge somewhere that they can be
    protected. What’s interesting is that I currently am talking and have a
    long friendship with a man in Jamaica, and he is fully aware that I am
    transgendered. I always ask about life there and speak on how horrible it
    must be to can’t love who you want to love. I really hope Jamaica will be
    more accepting of alternative lifestyles there. 

  5. I’m Jamaican and if you come here I’ll personally cut your fucking head off
    “No gays allowed here” 

  6. Im Jamaican and I’m also a Christian. Honestly i dont have a problem with
    gays or lesbians or even bi-sexuals. To me they are all people whether you
    like it or nah. The bible says to love and not judge and yes yes i know God
    created man and woman to multiply but i also believe in giving people a
    chance to live and make their own decisions. At the end of the day… it
    will be You and God nt ME! so yes most people might think it is wrong…
    but isnt it worse to have them like tht? .. homeless and open to diseases?
    All i can say is pray and trust in God for a better world! :)

  7. In Jamaica when all the gay people see the news they hide their sexuality
    bcuz bk in 09 a lesbian got raped and the police said she deserved it thats
    what those deamons get well there is a way to help gay people down here
    but they wont try :'(

  8. I wonder if there is a way for them to come to the U.S I mean they all have
    some kind of hustle, so u would think they’d take some money n go somewhere
    safer so they can actually have a life. I would hope that gay activists
    here in the U.S would help them with that or at least give them the choice
    to live better n be accepted. They will not survive long living in the
    gully, n having to run for their lives. I’m so sorry Gully Queens, I wish I
    had the power to help you all.

  9. Its crazy how this world is i except anybody thats why ppl like me so much
    cuz i don’t judge ppl

  10. Firstly,I do not agree with killing gays. We are all god creatures no
    matter what we do. But those of you who condone Homosexuality as the norm,
    are as disillusioned as the gay man or woman. To be gay is a deliberate
    choice.You have inadvertently choose one of the ways of Satan. For those of
    you who actively hunt and kill gays, you also follow the way of Satan.
    Accepting this behavior is how Satan is slowly destroying human life as we
    know it and turning everything upside down. Please STOP otherwise the DEVIL
    now believes and lives through you. Mr Taj Bugatti, you must REPENT!!

  11. I’m glad the store owners had a heart and allowed him to seek safety in the
    store. Some would have thrown him out. I don’t understand how ppl can kill
    another without blinking or even think to kill another person because of
    their life style or sexuality. Smh so sad

  12. Hi Taj!!! I’m an 18 year old girl, born and raised in London, England, but
    my WHOLE family is from Jamaica, more specifically from Portland. Lately
    have also seen the atrocities that happens everyday in Jamaica to innocent
    homosexual men. I was absolutely devastated and heartbroken when I saw what
    are people do, and the evils that happen in the country which I once
    thought was great. I truly agree with your perspective on the acts of
    wickedness that people consciously do everyday in Jamaica, and even all
    over the world. After I watched some of the anti gay videos, I was
    discussing how I felt with my sister. I’ve noticed that Jamaicans always
    use religion on God as a scapegoat to “excuse” the wickedness that they
    portray onto gay people and even encourage people around them to do the
    same. Churches preach evil things against gays, and take the issue into
    their hands to “eradicate” homosexuals in Jamaica. Now I am a strong
    christian, and I know exactly what the bible says about homosexuals. The
    bible does not say kill homosexuals, it says to treat each other as you
    would like to be treated. Not once does God say that its ok to kill someone
    just because they do not conform to the social norms of a civilisation. I
    think that the way homosexuals are treated is disgusting on all levels, and
    it needs to be halted. It moves me to tears how homosexuals have to be
    forced into poverty simply because they are being themselves. Then it make
    me wonder. If we were living in a reverse world, were homosexuality was the
    ideal, would heterosexuals be prosecuted and oppressed? 

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