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  1. Thank you Christian missionaries for spreading the hatred and
    discrimination in the Holy Bible! You guys think you’re soooooooo moral
    spreading this bullshit, huh? Pathetic!

  2. A long time friend just came out after several years, and I would not want
    any harm to befall them, and I would defend their well being if necessary.

    Discriminatory legislation of any kind puts good people in harms way and
    wears holes in the fabric of society.

  3. Religion is poison. Christian evangelists from USA caused this, they must
    be prosecuted and locked away for the rest of their lives.

  4. So the Powers that be are looking for a reasons to INVADE Africa, and to
    Demonise African leaders. So the GAY angle it it? So they can drop nuclear
    bombs on an otherwise peaceful continent, who don’t invade its neighbours.
    So that Africa cannot avoid being in the next WORLD WAR? I’m not

  5. Twenty or more years ago I could almost understand since there was no real
    proof gay people are gay from choice.Now that we all know it is not a
    choice these countries make no sense.Five years ago these laws would never
    have been thought of.

  6. While they’re at it, why don’t they start stoning to death unruly children,
    people who wear mixed fibers, eat pork or shellfish, people who work on the
    sabbath; make rape victims marry their rapists, and allow slavery. Amazing
    how selective they are. Uganda needs actual help, not the ramblings of
    bronze age crazy people promising something better as long as they play
    along with obvious bullshit. 

  7. And Gays are under siege in the USA as well. Granted it hasn’t reached the
    level of that in Uganda yet but given the opportunity, the GOP/TBaggers
    would make it so.

  8. The Ugandan papers doing this are every bit as terrible as Der Sturmer in
    their collaboration with genocidal murderers.

  9. Damn this is wrong, I’m not a fan of this life style but people need to
    learn to keep their hands to themselves. Homosexuality is everywhere and
    you better believe it’s been in Africa pre-colonialism; was it ever
    accepted? My guess is hell no…. Uganda need to worry about feeding the
    poor and food, not “the gays”….. 

  10. David, if the people in Uganda ELECT those pushing these barbarous laws, it
    would be irresponsible of our government to prop up such societies with our
    tax dollars. Really, this sort of thing should never be subsidized.
    Perhaps a bit of suffering will be character-building, and the Ugandan
    people will throw out the bigots. If they insist on perpetuating rule by
    barbarism and appealing to mob instincts: not with MY tax dollars, please.
    Are you listening, Mr. Obama?

  11. American evangelicals have African blood on their hands. They need to be
    imprisoned for hate speech and conspiring to murder innocent Africans!
    These religious fundies are good for nothing but hate war and murder!!

  12. The country suffers from high unemployment, poverty, AIDS, illiteracy, you
    name it… but what people do in their bedrooms, THAT’s what’s important !!!
    I’ll never understand this…

  13. The problem is that most of the money goes to the top corrupt officials.
    They go around driving in luxury cars and have palaces while the people
    starve and die of illness. That is what we need to change. Denying them aid
    will hurt the officials.

  14. Why not do what the Danish government is doing, and go around the Ugandan
    government and try to only give aid that directly benefit the poor people
    that needs it. Its probably impossible to keep the aid completely out of
    their hands. But it seems like the best compromise in this situation.

  15. This is why our country needs to fix our on shit before we even try to act
    like we have the moral high ground. While we’re not jailing the lgbt
    community, many US states are trying to legalize discrimination, under the
    guise of protecting religious freedom. We’re only a hair’s ass away from
    pulling shit like this. Also, so called “christians” need to stop going
    over there instigating more hatred.

  16. The USA and every other country who still hasn’t given FULL equal rights to
    the LGBT community need to take note of what happened in Uganda. It’s time
    we finally allow LGBT people to live their lives with the freedom all
    civilized nations are supposed to cherish . Thus, in doing so we set an
    example to the world.

    It’s time we stop the bigots who persecute gays in this country before we
    try to tell others what to do. It feels like we’re still living in 1975. 

  17. Uganda should be worried about the cross dressing, homosexual bankers who
    own their country and plan to gradually exterminate them with biological
    weapons. Those homosexuals aren’t as easy to bully because they’re
    genocidal maniacs who hate Africans. 

  18. That was the whole point to see how far american tolerance will go as far
    as money is concerned anyway.

  19. One of the largest gay rights activists in Uganda got a hammer through his
    skull because of these laws and the public outings that are happening.
    Uganda has become a nation of Christian Evangelists that, to me, looks no
    different from Jim Crow era racists in the South. People got away with
    killing a black man for looking at a white girl the wrong way or, God
    forbid, trying to talk to her. Doesn’t he know to stay with his own kind? I
    can see the same happening in Uganda in the future. I just hope that if
    they lynch any gay people that they also remember that God finds such
    sights revolting and that a good Christian/Jew knows to take down the body
    and to bury it before the day ends. 

  20. David: you are assuming our federal aid dollars are actually going to
    people in need, rather than to line the pockets of Ugandan dictator
    Musevini, or to his military.

  21. The evangelical right wing creatards must be masturbating to this news. Oh,
    if they only had that kind of “freedom” in this country.

  22. Some of our own people in the US, not only applauded and cheered for this
    law to pass, but played major roles in its conception, creation and
    eventual enactment.

    It’s only more disturbing to realize that the only reason they put these
    efforts into Uganda, is because their best to enact such legislation here,
    on our citizens, failed and this was a consolation prize. There are some
    sick, sick bigots out there hiding beneath the banner of religion to spew

  23. Speaking of sending our money to “countries which reflect our values and
    principles,” how about a country which

    1. Has settlements only open to “those who must not be named”
    2. Military Checkpoints, where some are held up for much longer than
    others(based on ethnicity)
    3. Discriminatory and skewed marriage laws
    4. The Berli… “must not be named” barrier.
    5. Unequal Infrastructure,the cool roads can only be used by the cool
    people (who must not be named)
    7 . Unequal access to resources ( based on ethnicity)
    8. The identity card ( differentiates between *cool* and *CLICK CLICK BOOM*
    9. Unjust Laws/legal representation

    I would like to name those who must not be named, but If do so I’m either
    spreading propaganda or i’m denying the event which must not be named, cuz
    ya kno…those who must not be named are justified to do “un-American”
    things cuz they were victims of that which must not be named.

    Kerry aren’t they the mirror which constantly reflects American values.

  24. And all it took was a few Christian missionaries to poison that country
    further. This is what happens when you allow superstition to proliferate in
    place of education.

    And yet Christians are the ones being persecuted. These people make me

  25. It’s difficult to think we can do something to help Uganda when our western
    leaders aren’t nearly where they need to be on the issue of absolute equal

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