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  1. All of the large scale surveillance being used under the pretense of
    preventing terrorism, clearly shows us and all those that can see, that
    they can solve crime, waste, fraud and abuse of power, if only someone
    would make them do so. Pedophilia rings, crime organizations, spy rings,
    etc. could all be addressed by just focusing the technology on crime and
    corruption instead of the pretense to fight terrorism. We have been shown
    over and over that we have the technology to begin to end corruption and
    organized crime, no matter where it exists. Ask yourself, why not? Why not
    use the existing NSA technology to begin solving long standing and
    historical issues in all levels of govt to include the State and local
    level. It is time to see the NSA scandal as an opportunity to use their
    own technology against them and for better purposes, if only people would
    see, we have to use such technology to benefit from it. The criminals may
    not agree with being discovered, but I say we can bring the fight to end
    corruption, fraud and govt abuse in govt. by just focusing the eye of the
    NSA to real issues instead of just privacy issues being abused under the
    pretense of fighting terrorism. It is time to fight corruption and we
    should see it, as part of the needed fix, we need to truly fix, major
    social concerns, once and for all.

  2. This is the true face of democracy, oh, maybe just maybe treason… I guess
    the guy who revealed this is a traitor for informing the world how America
    catches terrorists before they strike… The bombing brothers anyone??
    Remember how fast they were stopped?? While the Russians warned usa
    intelligence!! Why can’t anybody acquire these special forces, why does it
    matter if any citizen keep track of each other and beyond?? Might catch a
    bad guy myself and save the day!! Might even let the agents connect cctvs
    in your home. 

  3. …Whatever… Yahoo became a spamming queer website a few years ago
    already… time for it to sink and die anyways.

  4. What is essential here is that these very personal video images were very
    private and were not displayed to an un-consenting public. What consenting
    adults do in private is their own affair.

  5. Fuck this shit is getting ridiculous! but we’re more ridiculous for
    allowing it to happen…..These pricks getting away with it because they
    know they have Immunity from all federal laws and if you noticed they don’t
    mention about Terrorism and before they were saying it was fore that but
    people dont buy that shit no more , now its in you face because they don’t
    give a shit so we do what we like with your tax dollars suckers. 

  6. The police state is criminal. The UK is one if not the worse place to keep
    your private life private. The state spies even on your family members.
    There’s no reason why this should be going on and they make up excuses to
    make this lawful. All based on lies and deceit as criminals are at their
    worse when in power, then they can get away with rape and murder and all
    the rest.

  7. As the journalist states, the criminals are in our security services. They
    need to be brought to justice.

  8. Wow they didn’t know that people use webcams for all sorts of things like
    personal things and even profit?
    Either they are totally clueless and should not be in charge of security or
    they are lying lol

  9. In my experience yahoo accounts are easy to hack. A friend of mine had her
    account hacked. And a few months later the same thing happened to me. Now I
    use gmail and haven’t had any problems so far.

  10. 1.8 million… Thats probably every single person who uses Yahoo cam
    services. Talk about blanket surveillance. This has got to stop.

  11. And I’ve been saying for the longest that the government is behind a
    particular group of viruses that takes pictures of you on your webcam and
    even voice recordings. They wanted it to seem like Chinese or Russian
    hackers.The virus said it was the Department of Justice or Department of

  12. Yahoo are full of shit! They are all in on it! I call on all hackers
    around the world to teach all these data trawlers a serious lesson by
    disrupting and destroying their networks!!!

  13. i think its time to troll the goverment and delete our accounts so they
    cant do no shit to us :D

  14. So good i don’t use nearly anything to do with yahoo! Although i do have an
    apple :/ ahhh shit!

  15. They knew precisely that it would be a lot of sexual material on the webcam
    images. Our governments are run by a bunch of homos.

  16. Ensuring the security and credibility of the crown, GCHQ authorities have
    now affirmed that no British webcam butthole will remain unexamined. London
    Calling! #PaleolithicPantyGatherers 

  17. yahoo should sue and they should have to give the images back to everyone
    that they stole them from, worldwide! They deserve to give people an
    apology and a monetary settlement!

  18. lets just go for the icky question…

    how much “child porn” did they create by recording teenagers using their
    webcams to engage in… misguided behaviour?

    thats one the tabloids can get behind.

  19. Oh, yeah.. Yahoo is “furious” they got caught..lol..
    All those US military-industrial complex companies are a part of the regime
    (and of the empire of the five-horned Anglosaxon Beast). Google, Yahoo,
    Microsoft, HP, Dell, IBM… Chiefs of those companies cooperate with the
    regime, because they are just stooges put on top of the regime’s front

  20. So you have the terrorist American government and it’s British submissive
    Cameron spying and being the douche bags we know they are. The real problem
    is when will you slave rise up and take back your freedoms. Educate
    yourself to their legal system and you’ll really begin to see how much of a
    real slave you are. 

  21. And there are those out there who still believe that there is nothing wrong
    with the Govt spying!

    Time to change this!

    Wake up people, I am curious, if anyone cares about this then re-share to


  22. In the U.S., this is considered voyeurism, and is punishable under sexual
    predator laws. These idiots should have their names printed for the world
    to see, and maybe that would make them more human and less “Godly”.

  23. New Genus record: Largest and most diverse collections of pornographic
    contents being stored in one server.

  24. ‘GCHQ in your sheets’: UK spies collect Yahoo web chat images

    ‘GCHQ in your sheets’: UK spies collect Yahoo web chat images

  25. Agencies like the GCHQ and NSA are just criminal organizations that
    taxpayers are forced to finance.

  26. These spy agencies are just a front for sexual perverts, what are they
    expecting to see on webcams, just faces methinks not.
    If someone was to come up to your window shove in a video camera and take
    pictures of you and your partner having a good time they would be done for
    invasion of privacy and voyeurism.

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