27 Comments on “George Takei vs. Tennessee’s “Don’t Say Gay” Bill”

  1. This entire “don’t say gay” “campaign” should take it’s own “knock it off”
    advice xD
    The people who use the term Gay to describe something as stupid/or someone
    as homosexual are incorrect, that is slang.
    The people who started this pathetic campaign are against the word being
    used because they think it is an actual discrimination term against people
    who are homosexual which is incorrect, that is slang.
    The meaning of “Gay” is happiness/etc, as it’s original meaning intends.
    So both sides should “knock it off”, especially the “Campaign” people
    themselves xD

  2. I don’t understand why they want “takei” people to disappear. Many of my
    friends are “takei”. I proudly support those who are “takei” This is so
    cool! A new word. I like this!

  3. George Takei (Star Trek’s Sulu for those who are not familiar with the
    name) amazed me with his announcement regarding “Don’t say gay” bill.

    He’s definitely right when he says that gays won’t stopping existing just
    because some people would stop speaking of it. This is a matter of
    discussion and not something to be ignored. It’s with information that
    people can correctly deal with something that’s bothering them. They could
    even discover that this shouldn’t bother them!

    Ignore something is the best way to feed hatred on the other’s hearts.
    Information is the key to lead people in agreement, lead them to peace.

    Let’s start using our “rational advantage” among other animals to a good
    purpose, otherwise why should we be considered rational at all?

    — It’s okay to be Takei

  4. Just reminded of this for some strange reason ~ It’s OK to be Takei 😀

    Takei pronounced to rhyme with Gay

  5. Linda Russell-Walton, who designed George Takei’s “It’s OK to Be Takei”
    logo about a year ago, died suddenly yesterday at age 49.

    I knew Linda from a professional context, and considered her a mentor, a
    model, and an inspiration, as well as one wickedly funny Southern gal.
    Linda was constantly beating the drum for designers and other professionals
    to be paid what their work was worth. For Takei’s political-charitable
    project, she refused to accept a penny.

  6. If it’s illegal to say “gay” in Tennessee, there are alternatives…

  7. Please, I’m asking for Everyone’s Attention! http://bit.ly/dontsaygay
    This page was started for ONE PRIMARY PURPOSE ~ To Oppose the “Don’t Say
    Gay” bill pending in the Tennessee Legislature. (Watch this video!!)
    ~ After months of no action on the Bill, it is now imminently moving
    forward. I am gathering the new information for our members. In the next
    days, I will be asking for YOU to take action with your voices to help
    defeat the Bill. Stay tuned, more info will be posted ASAP!

  8. Remember everyone… it’s OK to be Takei! Way to use the same power that
    turned Santorum from a politician’s name into, well… Google it.

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