35 Comments on “Gingrich Says Gay Rights Questions Are Anti-Christian Bigotry”

  1. “Anti-founding father biggotry” Don’t you fucking dare group all the
    founding father’s in that south appeasing bullshit.

  2. @soundscapenyc We do it you? Ummmm… not so sure about that, at least not
    to the levels that you do it to us

  3. @esancl and as far as accepting gay marriage, who gives a shit what you
    accept? it’s what the constitution provides, not what an ignorant bigot
    says. another god damned stupid statement from YOU! are you always in the
    habit of being STUPID? now let’s hear you tell me how insults make no
    headway. has the gay community’s DESIRE FOR SIMPLE EQUALITY ever made any
    headway with you, or is your opinion sans fact telling you they don’t need
    the same rights you have? give me a break you stupid fuck!

  4. @bgibb101 It would be nice to change the definition of “marriage” so that
    love is the focus, and not baby making. There’s so many people who look at
    marriage as nothing more than an obligation to their family and society, or
    just something to scratch off their checklist of life goals. But if love
    and commitment were the focus of marriage, then there would be alot less

  5. @esancl Ever think that the bible is wrong? I don’t suppose you always make
    important decisions based on something that there is no proof of or any
    good solid reason to believe. We are good at punishing other human beings
    in the name of some deity that no one has ever proved exists.

  6. Secular bigotry?? BWAHAHAHAHA oh wow…I SO do hope this man wins the
    Republican nomination, because he has absolutely NO chance of beating
    Obama. He’s the most vile, hypocritical excuse for a GOP candidate that I
    have seen in recent memory. He has ZERO morals with regard to his own
    marriages, yet says he favors “traditional marriage”. Some Americans ARE in
    fact that stupid to still vote for him, but it won’t be enough. If you’re
    low enough to cheat on your sick wife, you get no respect from me.

  7. Don’t you get it? Gingrich will say anything to confuse and to evade the
    issue. That’s why he drops these zany bombs–you’ll talk about that instead
    of the issue. This is just the old red herring fallacy. Why do people keep
    falling for it?

  8. @esancl ah, i see, so insults are far worse that what the catholic church,
    their lies & your ignorance of facts have done to many americans in denying
    their rights. you can offer your bigoted “opinion” then demand your
    “opinion” trump facts because of your ignorant stupidity. and you know
    sometimes insults are the only way ignorant, stupid people like you are
    brought to your senses. they remind fucks like you to do research before
    you opine stupidity!

  9. Uh oh, gays… we’re in trouble. Every presidential candidate so far is
    anti-LGBT, even the other democratic alternative to Obama wants to abolish
    gay rights (I forget his name, fuck him). Mitt Romney wants to bring back
    Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, they all oppose gay marriage and yet they offer no
    alternative solution where our government would recognize gay couples as
    legitimate partners. We NEED Obama for a second term! Vote OBAMA!!!

  10. @esancl You wrote: “…Christians should be allowed to keep and practice
    their beliefs; including that marriage is between one man and one woman.”
    Yes, they should, for themselves. However, they have no right to use civil
    law to prevent others who don’t share their beliefs from marrying.
    Religious organizations can refuse to marry anyone, for any reason, and
    that’s fine. However, the Constitution guarantees equal protection of the
    laws. Same-sex couples deserve the right to marry.

  11. @bgibb101 There has been evidence of gay marriages during ancient
    civilization, in places such as Mesopotamia, Egypt, Greece, Rome, China,
    and the native tribes of America. It was uncommon, because homosexuals have
    always been a minority, but it was accepted as an alternative way of life.
    Then the Crusades came and started killing off anyone who didn’t bow down
    to their interpetation of God. Kinda like what Islamic extremists are doing

  12. @darbone yes, you are correct. If the church begins to act like a business
    treat it like one. But if they refuse the access to homosexuals, they
    should be allowed to do so. I say this in hopes that our government is not
    too large, while being an atheist who despises religion.

  13. In this nation there is only one group that still has their rights voted
    on through referendums— one group that can see their rights wiped out by
    an election or by the wrong party taking over the government! They can’t
    vote on such issues involving blacks anymore, or women, or Jews— only
    Gays! With everyone else they seem to be “rights”— with Gays they are
    only privileges that can be taken away at a moment’s notice!

  14. Where in the US Declaration of Independence, Bill of Rights and US
    Constitution does it read UNLESS you’re homosexual? Where is it written
    that to be legal, a marriage must occur in a church with the word ‘god’
    included? Where is the proof Gay marriage is a threat to ‘traditional’
    marriage (and their nearly 50% divorce rate)? What’s more traditional than
    two people in love wanting to commit to each other in marriage?

  15. @esancl It should *not* be called something else. *All* marriages are civil
    unions, i.e. legal contracts, regardless of who officiates. Religion
    doesn’t own the word “marriage.” Christians are free to believe anything
    they want, but they’re not free to violate the Constitutional rights of
    others based on their beliefs. See the U.S. Constitution, Amendment 14,
    Section 1. The character limit prevents me from posting it here.

  16. catholic bigots here in massachusetts weren’t forced to close their
    adoption agencies. they choose to close em because their state would not
    financially support their bigotry with public taxes. fact is catholic
    bigots couldn’t fund their adoption agencies without public funds, funds
    that came from tax payers, among them gays. why should taxes from gays
    contribute public funds that discriminate against them directly? for
    someone who has an intelligence reputation, gingrich is god damned stupid!

  17. They think that they can get away with all of this shit stain free just
    because the republican party is trying to supress colored peoples votes.
    Somebody should have trained these dogs to know better than that….

  18. @samiam2088 Agreed. They’re projecting, thinking that the big bad Muslims
    and/or atheists are going to take over the country, but they are the ones
    trying to pass so many laws based on nothing but their religion. I really
    don’t care what they believe, but when their beliefs take away my freedoms,
    no way in hell will I be quiet about it.

  19. Free country. Gays should not be persecuted and catholics shouldn’t either.
    They should be allowed to practice their faith.

  20. Good fucking God… please, please, please, don’t elect this piece of shit
    to be president. Please America, I am begging you.

  21. @wntoply6 research? All you have done is using insults and profanity.
    Apparently all you can do is sit behind your computer and spit out your
    hate to those who do not share your views. If you feel that you are denied
    marrying your partner, move to a state where they recognize and validates
    your marriage. I can see you are an intolerant person devoted to your own
    opinions and prejudices. You show intolerance and animosity toward those of
    differing beliefs. And you are calling me a bigot?

  22. @wntoply6 This is exactly what I’m talking about. I am stating my opinion
    and my belief. This is the type of response that prevents people to come up
    with solutions.

  23. @kamphwagon1 You are the second person today that has restored my faith in

  24. Secular bigotry?? BWAHAHAHAHA oh wow. I SO do hope this man wins the
    Republican nomination, because he has absolutely NO chance of beating
    Obama. He’s the most vile, hypocritical excuse for a GOP candidate that I
    have seen in recent memory. He has ZERO morals with regard to his own
    marriages, yet says he favors “traditional marriage”. Some Americans ARE in
    fact that stupid to still vote for him, but it won’t be enough. If you’re
    low enough to cheat on your sick wife, you get no respect from me.

  25. It’s funny how a man who works in criminology seems to know more than I do,
    an immunologist, about HIV. Check your stats, buddy. There’s a problem when
    the people who police this country boast false knowledge about the people
    they control.

  26. I apologise that I do not have the time to listen to all of this. I just
    thought I would comment on the title of it. My brother is homosexual
    (sodomite,) and I love him the same. I do not attack him. I know what he
    does is wrong, but he still hurts like everyone else and needs to know I am
    here for him. I do not support him being homosexual, but I talk to him as
    often as possible, treat him like everyone else, and when he has a break up
    I am a shoulder for him to cry on…

  27. For the perfect answer to Newt Gingrich … and Michele Bachmann … and
    Rick “Google Me” Santorum, check out the YouTube video: Jesus’ Gay Marriage
    Sing Along by MrsBettyBowers

  28. “ooh boo-hoo- us poor persecuted christians…we’re the largest faith-based
    religious group in the country, we’ve been the global buzzkill since 0 AD,
    infiltrated secular society, control women’s uteruses (sp?)— but oh, poor
    us, you heathens hurt our precious christian feelings with your
    bigotry—even tho we do it you. waaaaaaaaaa.”

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