12 Comments on “Gitmo detainees created business plan for utopian farm community”

  1. Who is the biggest terrorist which is not known as terrorst in the world?
    America! Who created small terrorists in Syria and Al-Qaeda and other
    Terrorist groups? America! Who uses words Peace but kills the Peace in
    other countries? America! Who did 9/11 attacks? America! Who controls the
    Mainstream Zionist Media? America! How many times has America been attacked
    by a Muslim country? 0. Who created terrorism in Iraq, Pakistan, Syria,
    etc? America! Revolution is needed in America! Because Americans are
    controlled by information Propaganda!

  2. Wow, such gentle and caring human beings.
    So, since no country is willing to take them, how about Russia takes them?

  3. Yes, let them do it. Send them back to their homeland. Give them the
    startup capital and land. This will help their country. The American
    government owes these people big time and they better do what it takes to
    make things right with them!

  4. eh, hemmm!!!!! more terror awaits lest we forget all terrorism begins with
    community gardening. the u.s. military industrial arm of the anglo-american
    empire must nip this savage behavior in the bud!!!!! this is the modern
    world. they got our backs with home delivery pizza and ranch-sausce!!!!!!

  5. Heck yeah! That’s a very encouraging message to hear amongst our current
    times. While our government become terrorists, terrorists are become free
    men. lol…. Really though, with all the evil going on, this alone brings
    me joy and a genuine smile to my heart. God has always, still is and will
    always be good. ;-)

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