39 Comments on “GLAAD Josh Hutcherson”

  1. Gay uncles die from AIDS, shocking! It’s not ok, it’s sin. I don’t think
    it’s any worse than other sexual sin however, that does not mean we should
    celebrate it or normalize it. Good news is by the Grace of Jesus, our
    Savior, Creator of all things loves you and wants you to be with Him for

  2. Desde cuando lo conoci en su pelicula little manhattan siempre, fue mi
    inspiration , y hoy en dia aun mas lo quiero.. You are the best Josh
    Hutcherson #1 .. 143 forever

  3. I have always liked josh but now this video made me fall in love with him
    keep up the good work josh you are an amazing person and an inspiration

  4. can anyone tell me what he’s done for the lgbt community? I honestly don’t

  5. It could be amazing if every one was thniking like that … He deserves
    this award <3

  6. Thank you, for inspire me, thank you for being the person you are, Josh,
    you are amazing.

  7. one of the best and most important and most accurate things i have ever
    heard in my life!

  8. So amazing!! He was getting all teary eyed talking about his uncles and mum
    :’) love you Josh, such a huge inspiration and an amazing role model 😀

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