29 Comments on “Glenn Beck on Verge of Meltdown”

  1. Um, no, not even close. Obama has worked with republicans plenty of times
    (shame the republican definition of “working together” is “my way or
    stfu”), and he is one of the few people who does NOT publicly degrade
    republicans. Plenty of democrats call republicans stupid, and even more
    republicans call democrats stupid, but Obama is not among them. Also, pay
    attention to Obamacare, and you will see how wrong you are. We’re done here.

  2. Why does glenn beck have a Union Jack on the floor, it looks more like an
    SAS emblem than an American patriot’s attempt to denounce something that
    they despise. I can’t think of anybody else who incorporates a symbol of
    something they revile into their own symbol, it’s a bit like the swastika
    flag having a Star of David on it.

  3. Glenn Beck would be irrelevant and forgotten if not for his ability to
    continue coming up with crazier and crazier things. Insanity is his shtick
    and his audience is paranoid, afraid, and in many cases quite racist.

  4. when you see the Obowma administration actively encouraging as many people
    as possible to go on food stamps, it reinforces what Beck has been claiming
    for years now. It seems that there are strategies being employed right out
    of the commie “Rules for Radicals” manual which is that to replace
    capitalism you must first destroy it by over loading Gov programs. America
    IS being taken apart at an alarming rate! Little wonder Beck has so many
    devoted followers.

  5. …..We are in hard times and instead of bringing us together he is
    dividing us. I refuse to accept Obama as a president because he is a
    terrible leader. I feel that someone who goes public bashing anyone who
    disagrees with them and basically calling them stupid. Anyone who tramples
    on state rights and gets involved in the issues when the federal government
    shouldn’t be involved at all like he did with Wendy Davis and Travon Martin
    (actually, that is the system working). A guy who tries to……

  6. That’s the problem, as long as he says stupid things, it is impossible for
    me to regard him as anything but stupid (I’m a “stupid is as stupid does”
    sort of guy, and IQ aside, if you say stupid things like “Obama is trying
    to make us a 3rd world country”, I cannot regard you as an intelligent
    individual). If Becky actually said intelligent things, I would be able see
    him as such, but right now, I cannot.

  7. The sort of wackos who follow Beck’s insane conspiracy theories are already
    out on the edge, but most of them are harmless enough, just weak minded,
    but there are a few who will hang on his every word that are far from
    harmless. Hopefully even the morons who follow him will get sick of
    shelling out their $9.95 each month and realize Beck is far more interested
    in separating rubes from their money.

  8. I am SO jealous that we no longer get GB here in Australia after Fox kicked
    him off air. I miss the comedy and the drama!

  9. What do you call David Pakman? Or better yet, Michael Moore? An obese
    individual makes millions off of a movie that criticizes healthcare.

  10. Look at whitehouse on youtube and you will see his page where he is talking
    about the ACA and once again he is blaiming republicans. It use to be Bush
    now it is republicans. You never heard any of this from Bush, Clinton, Bush
    or Reagan. Funny how we are falling apart right now as a country and we
    have a leader that likes to blame instead of working with others. Every
    president is going to face opposition from congress, that is good. What
    isn’t good is when the president decides not to work.

  11. A nobody who thinks he’s more important/intelligent than he actually is.
    That’s really all you need to know of Becky.

  12. “Violating states rights”? I see you are ignorant of how federal law trumps
    state law, but then again, you seem to be ignorant of many things and are
    blissful for it. I almost feel bad for trying to wake you up from your
    fantasy world.

  13. I am a nitwit some of the time but this conspiracy theory of yours pushes
    you to the top of the nitwit list. Seriously, get some fresh air, smoke
    some weed and relax… this is all bullshit and it’s bad for you.

  14. Obamacare is killing jobs and wages. It is a bad law and when it is fully
    implemented it will be a lot worse. Obama has publically ridicule
    republicans and is constantly dividing our country. He is a terrible leader
    unlike FDR who during bad economic times brought us together and worked
    with others. Clinton and Reagan worked with other. Obama hasn’t.
    Republicans allowed taxes to go up but Obama still refuses to work on
    cutting spending. How asinine can you be?

  15. Obama has been bullying republicans. He just went public again. Instead
    saying we are going to work it out he is saying that republicans are
    hindering us. That is a sign of a bad leader. And raising taxes never helps
    the economy. You take money out of the hands of people who invest it and
    give it worth and put it in the hands who don’t.

  16. Obama has not divided the country. The GOP and especially Teabaggers (yes,
    that’s the appropriate term — ask me why if you dare) who absolutely REFUSE
    to accept him as President no matter WHAT he does are the ones doing the
    dividing. He’s guilty of the worst crime imaginable to the modern GOP, the
    same crime that Clinton was actually IMPEACHED for: PWD. (“Presidentin’
    While Democratic”)

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