48 Comments on “God Wrote The Constitution And Created America?!”

  1. People laugh, but whats scary is that these crazies are voted into our
    government everyday. -_-

  2. What blows my mind about these fundy POS liars is that they are the same
    people who act like they know and respect the Constitution so much when all
    they do is repeat blatant nonsense

  3. The god that made the US was the “Great Spirit” of the indigenous people.
    not the Jewish god of Israel.

  4. Can we start making basic history lessons a necessity to get elected to any
    form of government please?

  5. What a joke, why don’t these extremists join the church instead of going
    into politics? what an embarrassment our politicians are.

  6. If “God” wrote the constitution, why did he call for a separation
    of “CHURCH” and “STATE”?

  7. Is there a single school in the United States of America that actually
    teaches history to it’s students?

  8. I’m pretty sure 98% of one party and 85% of the other major party thinks
    like this.

  9. Impossible! God can’t write the constitution or create America, because he
    doesn’t exist!

  10. “GAWWD wrote the constitution and created merica with his magic wand, thats
    how it happened! ”
    what the fuck are you smoking? o_O

  11. these poeple are going as far as calling the freemasons “god” WTF these
    people are fascists imperialist nutters. how many millions of native
    indians were killed of? it resembles that of satan not of god.

  12. but getting serious this is a very bad trend i’m seeing on the right, this
    now means any time republicans regains power of the white house and the
    house, we will see legislation with these kinds of views in it from this
    point forward, so america with the love of god never vote republican again
    if you want your kids to have a future, i beg you

  13. OH! So THAT’S why it’s against the law to boil a young goat in its mother’s
    Said no one ever.
    Getting REAL tired of your shit, Christians.

  14. Fuck me this whole comments section is one big fedora tipping convention,
    was this video linked to r/Atheism or something?

  15. Whoa look out – It’s the old intellectually deficient bait and switch lol.
    Listening to the religious trot this crap out is like watching a very very
    slow person do the cups scam incredibly slowly without any skill at

  16. Why the FUCK are you people insulting F.U (lol) He wouldn’t EVER say
    something this retarded.. he is a sociopathic mofo, true but not a crazy
    fundementalist christian who believes god made “Murica and wrote the
    constitution LOL , I like the huffington post guy .. get him on the show
    more often

  17. I keep hearing people saying “parody is dead” and telling them that’s
    bullshit. This is the dead parrot sketch of parody is dead, I shall stop
    nailing it to the perch.

  18. Honestly, there is not another developed nation that is still having this
    God debate to the extent of the US, and STILL these ‘Holier than thou’
    figures are disrespecting both the US constitution as well as the theology
    they love to praise.

  19. Of course God loves slavery! Fucking read Leviticus 25. Also Exodus 21.
    It’s basically an instruction manual on how to treat your slave, complete
    with a pass of beating them as long as they don’t die after a day or two.
    Remember, this is written in the same book they believe and should be the
    principle for the country, authored by the God they worship and want you to
    respect (by law, if some could have their way).

  20. Let’s hope fundies don’t take over the country. With all the nukes we have,
    it would actually bring the world to ruin, not just this one country. It’d
    be like handing over thousands of nukes to terrorist organizations, except
    the fundie goal would actually be to bring about the end, because they’re

  21. The GOP / Republicans need to review their basic American history. There is
    no part of the constitution state GOD’s involvement in creating the nation.

  22. I feel sorry for American’s who have to deal with these complete WHACKOS in
    their government.

  23. God wrote the constitution? He just says that like it’s a fact and not
    complete nonsense. Who determines when God is ghost writing or is
    everything ever written actually written by God? I wish God would stop
    being so JD Salinger and come out of hiding. Since he’s all powerful he
    could really settle a lot of conflict by just appearing to us all instead
    of leaving clues that only convicted felons like Delay can decipher. 

  24. Clearly you cannot think clearly if you subscribe to evangelical nonsense.

  25. There’s some quote about how you should beware of people who pretend they
    speak for god, since what they say god wants invariably coincides with
    their own wants.

  26. “Went off track when the US became a secular government”? You mean it went
    off track when it was FOUNDED?

  27. I love the comment Cenk made at the end there about the lobbyists. Very

  28. Cenk says “God Bless” a lot in other videos. What’s his purpose for saying
    it if he’s agnostic?

  29. Okay, I am viewing about my 10th Young Turks video for the day and every
    single one of them points in the direction that USA has become completely
    retarded. Why is this so?

  30. Atheists in America are just as wasted as christians.

    American governments are run like hitlers SS & all of the American People
    are against liberty, because liberty is actually work. Christians want a
    handout, atheists want us all to worship mortality, & the gov just rolls in
    waste & mind rot.

    America aint gonna last too much longer.

  31. The constitution was written by men who knew that religioous domination
    would be the downfall of our culture.

  32. Anyway the country wasn’t founded on the constitution, it was originally
    the articles of confederation, I believe, I May Be Wrong

  33. It scares me how many politicians in office want the country governed by
    the bible.

  34. I have a question for you Americans: why do you allow people which
    obviously belong in a mental institute, to run your government?

  35. Thomas Jefferson is god? Wow— and he was actually an agnostic too!
    Isn’t it time we stop paying any attention to Tom Delay?

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