7 Comments on “Gold and Silver value during and after SHTF discussion.”

  1. Exactly my point. Gold and silver will have a value after SHTF, and the
    reason it won’t have it during Shtf is primarily people will have their
    priorities straight. Gold and silver hid by the Jew in WW11 helped many
    jews escape. Everybody has a price so to speak. People may not find gold or
    silver any use over top food, but in an economical collapse precious metals
    will make a comeback, especially on the black market. In any scenario
    really society will rebuild and with it will be a currency.

  2. Have you watched “After Armageddon”, Those metals aren’t gonna rebuild a
    nation…its knowledge and old world skills…

  3. Gold and silver have always had a strong value. Both are used in so many
    ways besides currency. The SAS always carry gold Sovereign’s to bribe
    guards to aid escape and pay for help. Plus if you have some ‘spare’ money
    the paper stuff our governments use could be only used for toilet tissue
    where coinage would possibly make a comeback. Regards from The Irish

  4. I’m not sure about currency returning after SHTF, everything will be at
    barter and I’m sure necessity, like food and water will out weight silver
    or gold. Think about this..everything is off grid because the people who
    ran whatever resources (water plants, electric company, grocery stores)
    have die in the initial impact. These things don’t come back online. Beans
    and Bullets are whats gonna keep you alive ! I can tell you if its my child
    eating or a bar of gold, the “shine” bar will lose..

  5. I have watched that show and depicted in the end is a new society. History
    has shown us bartering societies don’t last as long as currency ones do.
    Barter eventually turns into coins and coins into dollars. I don’t believe
    it will be impossible for towns to form and then form city-states. But the
    question i ask you is how will we reunite these towns for trade. Barter is
    an idea, but currency you can carry in your pocket and you can’t carry a
    few cans in your pocket.

  6. Yes i do agree with you, but society will eventually rebuild it is not
    going to stay apocalyptic. Look at history eventually everything gets
    rebuilt. It won’t look at all like today, but like ancient Greece with
    their city states. Don’t get me wrong people will always suffer, but on the
    same token they recover. Barter is good, but you got to remember there is a
    reason why currency replaced it. It replaced it because people got tired of
    trading 1 jar of honey for 2 loaves of bread as an example.

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