27 Comments on “Google Makes Statement About Russian Anti-Gay Law”

  1. Misleading title. Russia did not make an anti-gay law. It’s funny how the
    law in question has been morphed by the news media in the USA into
    something that it most definitely is not. I suppose most anything can be
    twisted around to make it more sensational and more likely to capture an

  2. Love you GOOGLE! Thank you so very much for standing up for what is right
    and for reminding us all what the olympics are for. Equality 

  3. I might sound silly hahahaha, but I honestly thought they Google just used
    the rainbow palette and it’s a coincidence it’s Russia Olympics.. Anyways..
    Still watching olympics regardless of their laws. 

  4. A law which all sexual propagandising towards children is banned. terrible,
    what an age we live in.. this law covers all sexual propagandising, which
    means disgusting acts like beyonce and rhianna etc will not allowed to be
    shown to kids in russia, this is a great thing. the fact homosexuals are
    protesting such a law revolts me. They are literally vigorously protesting
    their “right”, to propagandise children to involve them in homosexuality.
    This is incredible. Its more incredible that all the western media agrees
    with them. like WTF is going on in this world?

  5. fuck this gay shit..everything is gay now..cant wait for the ball of FIRE

  6. i Would add that not only people should be able to do sport without
    discrimination but should also be able to live without descrimination!
    Let’s tell this to Mr. Putin

  7. Didn’t even really recognize or notice they did it for that and I googled a
    lot of things yesterday. I just thought, “colors” and kept it moving.

  8. Look at this video at the beginnings, it shows some Russian people who beat
    and humiliate and trample on some gay people.
    You monsters!! And do not come to say: they deserve it! or stuff, how the
    hell can they dare a similiar thing! It’s almost diabolical! You homophobes
    suck! MONSTERS! THIS! is happening there, it is not only gays to be far
    from kids!

  9. Though I love the Olympic Games, I’m highly tempted not to watch any of it
    purely due to Russia’s stance on gay marriage and homosexuality in general.
    But then again, that would make me as intolerant as them. 

  10. The reason why Russia is anti gay.
    :Russia has a higher death rate then birth rate.
    (They cant afford to have a gay society)
    :Russia is 80% orthodox Christian.
    (The orthodox church is very strict compared to other churches. So it makes
    sense that there against gayz)
    And lets be honest if you where Mr. Putin (he’s a strong orthodox
    Christian) Would you go against 80% of the country? Even if you hate Russia
    for there gay law you still got to have respect forholding there ground
    against the western media and standing up for what they believe is right.
    For that they have my respect!

  11. Nice every body should be able to do what ever there want no matter what
    sexually. AWESOME

  12. We love you GOOLGE! #PutinSucks! Such a shame the worlds athletes must
    compete in such an unfriendly country. 

  13. Shame they don’t apply the same principles in the USA , where in 29 of 50
    states (i.e. more than half) it is still legal to fire someone for being
    goodbye google

  14. people clearly did not read the new law, which in fact makes no mention of

  15. Go google!!!! Ten years ago gay people had to hide and ten from now it will
    be the bigots who will have to hide!!

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