41 Comments on “Gordon Klingenschmitt Won’t Legislate Gay Exorcisms, Plays Death Threat Voicemail”

  1. saying that it is against the first amendment to not serve gay is 100% BS.
    freedom and justice say that if you own the store then the right and
    freedom to serve is in your hand. it is your business and you for whatever
    reason you do it for should not be condemned for. that is like saying the
    king has to let the people tell him what to do.

    and this apply’s for everything! from racism gays to anything minor like i
    dont like your shirt or shoes.

    it is your business how would you like someone else telling you how to run
    it… i guess you won’t know because your a fucking peasant or a control

  2. I’m not american but colorado springs sounds like a place a lot of old
    people live, or I’m wrong?

  3. Klingonshit can’t believe it himself. Look at that smirk on his face…he
    must have tossed one off this morning to Matthew 16:16.

  4. The math is not correct. If a majority of democrats stayed home, then the
    entire majority could be republicans.

  5. Says he will separate his religious beliefs and his politics. Immediately
    starts listing off “church victories” and calls the judges that have upheld
    the constitution and given gays rights “tyrannical.” 

  6. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I thought that one of the purposes of the
    judicial branch was to prevent the tyranny of the majority, especially when
    it comes to civil liberties. There are certain issues that should never be
    put to a vote. It thus seems ass backwards to argue that the judges were
    “tyrannical” because they went against the majority of voters when it came
    to to the issue of gay marriage. The public at large shouldn’t get a say
    in whether other individuals are entitled to certain civil rights and

  7. Holy shit… Apparently, this guy served in all four branches of the US
    military with all their qualifications.

    He’s amazing

  8. It’ll be interesting to see if he does try to represent everyone from his
    electorate like he claims he will. I’m sure it will make for an interesting
    time. Great interview David. 

  9. Our country is not a democracy. A democracy is where 10 hungry cannibals
    can vote to eat the 11th hungry cannibal. Our country is a Constitutionally
    Limited Republic. The 11th cannibal has rights that cannot be voted on and
    taken away. You do not vote on peoples rights no matter how much they sound
    “icky” to you or even if you think they are against your Gods beliefs. Your
    God and you is your own personal choice and not up for a vote but neither
    are anyone else’s beliefs up for you to vote on. That’s the way our country
    works. If you do not like it, move to a theocracy like Iran. There one
    religion is the law. Now it may not be yours but that’s life.

  10. Good morning everyone. Gordon asked me to share his recent appearance on
    The David Pakman show. Enjoy! 

  11. See right there… god bless you and your viewers… that is a fuck you,
    not a bless you. Okay, paused it at 22 seconds, let me continue the

  12. Christians are going to be persucuted in the “end times”…. You mean like
    all the pagans that were slaughtered by christians…?

  13. “The people of Colorado have voted for marriage between one man and one

    There is no point in voting for something that is already legal. 

  14. This just shows how fucked up republicans are. How can any sane person vote
    for this? Even by american standards…

  15. “Tyrannical judges”. Who give people the freedom to choose what gender of
    consenting adult they can legally marry (If they want to marry at all, not
    a given!). THOSE MONSTERS!

  16. so he got nasty big deal gays get them all the time, telling us we are
    going to hell is hate, bloody hypocrite

  17. sometimes I think people just vote for who they think will be the most
    entertaining candidate
    I will admit he is personable for a crazy person

  18. David, I wish you would contact Lt. L Wilkerson and ask him about
    in the American military.

  19. this guy isn’t politically crazy. in fact he’s very run-of-the-mill
    republican with his stupid dysfunctional policies. he is religious crazy
    however. and i’m not sure which is actually more dangerous for the people
    he now will represent

  20. I’m pretty sure that that voicemail is faked by one of Klingenschmitt’s
    friends as a publicity stunt.

  21. This is really no different at all from the liberal governor Vincent
    Sheheen calling Nikki Hayley a whore.

    I am really not sure why it is news, but, I understand that the left runs
    on hate and division so I guess they need this kind of garbage to keep the
    hate going.

    I am really glad that the Great Republican Wave Election Of 2014 has put
    the good guys back into power…..
    I am really looking forward to 2016.

  22. He don’t understand math. If he got 75% of the vote and only 43% of his
    district is republican, that means dems didn’t show up to vote.

    Actually, the gay exorcism could solve the whole marriage equality issue
    once and for all. If Dr. Chaps just exercised all the gay demons out of
    everyone there would be no issue. (Am I the only one who thinks he comes
    across as someone who might like exercising some gay demons?)

  23. 1) Klingonshit is full of shit. When the FBI opens an investigation into a
    death threat, they tell you to not mention it to the public.
    2) The FBI wouldn’t waste time on bat shit ccrazy as heard on his phone.
    It’s not a credible threat.

    So right off the bat he is lying in an interview.
    Fundie freaks are incapable of being honest.

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