10 Comments on “Greek statue found in Gaza”

  1. What a find. I hope it gets into the hands of actual archeologists so they
    can do proper work on it like dating it and cleaning it.

  2. I hope the Islamists don’t destroy the statue since Allah is their sole God
    and statues of Pagan Gods like this one are against the laws in the Q’ran.
    Like the archaeologist said, it is valueless … 

  3. Very valuable statue, The statue is being investigated for how it was
    found, etc. They are trying to make an investment by France.

  4. Jihadist 6th century islamic HAMAS will show the statue wearing a burq’a
    … after all if they require their women to cover their faces, that naked
    guy statue has an erection.

  5. What investigation, Hamas isn’t even equipped or trustworthy to handle such
    a statue. If they damage it there will be consequences well beyond what
    they could ever wish to endure.

  6. Ok, Hamas needs to investigate what, to make sure it doesn’t interfere with
    their believe system? 

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