GV Face: Venezuela Protests

Join us this Friday for a Hangout on the Venezuela protests with our team in Caracas reporting on the latest events. Venezuela is going through an economic, political and social crisis which…

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  1. politics. the problem in Venezuela is even existential, lots of money from
    oil, but no real political reform, the same mechanism exists but different
    people. problem why people kidnap, rape, murder is because they dont care
    about anyone, they were never cared for, so why care? and those who gave
    some support, the are now government, so then they protect it, they? people
    who lived under the nose of those middle class, ruling class wannabe
    cities. In perspective, Everything that Chavez said was true, not that he
    did it, in fact he improved the way to oppress people, and everything the
    opposition say is true to, but history with them has taught us a lesson.

    There are some politicians that people can identify, right wing ones, kind
    of centered, Capriles or Ledesma(all vampires), they sucks, really, but the
    middle class and upper one loves right wing politicians. Other kind of
    politicians or Activist are libertarian ones, which have no media coverage
    but they work hard in grassroots organization, in protest, etc, to protect
    the right of all of us, and they only are in the trenches, not in media
    coverage or so. and the official one, most of them corrupted ones who were
    militants of the left who betrayed all they learned because of power,
    simple as that.

    this is just a snapshot of what i think is Venezuela.

    reality is, that almost, everything is, being criminalized:
    Natives(indigenous people) by the society, done by the ruling class
    mentality everyone wants, the workers are being criminalized, or working
    class, those who work in industries or farms, when they protest they get
    thrown to jail and have to fight, within the libertarians, for their
    release and rights, but no right wing media coverage this fights, no ruling
    class wannabes there, not even from the left who are in the government, so,
    when people from the international left say its an US backed coup, in
    theory it is, US want a piece of everything, but its mostly the right who
    want them out, today.

    The libertarian always wants them out, the right or left, those who make
    things worst. so for those leftist our there, no, Venezuela is not a
    socialist country, in fact it could be the worst right wing state
    controlling country ever, the government controls everything, the leftist
    ruling class, while doing business with the other right wing ones. so
    Venezuela is how Colonialist made us what we are, and some, by education,
    good upbringings, maturity or anything like that, sees the way it is and
    want change. real change, not just political, leaving the same apparatus of
    depending too much of oil and the oppression of the working class.

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