Half a Million go All Out for Uganda

http://www.allout.org In 4 days, over half a million people joined a global campaign to stop the “Kill the Gays” bill in Uganda. The international pressure w…

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  1. Thats because 99 percent of Ugandans are still living in the dark ages.
    Keep your Homophobic filth to yourself

  2. no one has the right to choose who i love and who i am…im atheist but if
    religion says who i am and who i love is a sin then God is the only person
    who have the rights to punish me, or shall i say us. as human we shall be
    treated with equal rights. sometimes its so difficult and depressing how
    the world is.. but im really happy to know that theres alot of ppl around
    the world thats fighting the right with me. so im not alone! 😀

  3. i signed the petition because i feel that it is my duty. I live in france
    and i’m gay, my comming out was only possible because the generations
    before mine fought for gay rights in my country and everywhere they could.
    Today my generation is called for duty to honnor the past one and to fight
    for the next one. i’m queer i’m here get over it.

  4. нахуя было выкладывать одно и тоже дибильное видио пидары

  5. Thank goodness for good news… let’s continue to make a difference and
    raise our voices for those who can’t.

  6. @rubiconski2008 *Cough* if you research, you’ll find that heterosexual
    couples are the biggest spreader of aids BRING ON THE GAY LOVIN 😀 GAY

  7. I was feeling down when I shared the petition with my friends and
    followers, worried that it would just be ignored, when my heart was beating
    out of my chest from such short notice.. but EVERY single person that
    signed it, is a part of the amazing difference that it has made. Thanks to
    the thousands of tweets and posts. It only took seconds to share and to
    sign.. SECONDS that will save YEARS of peoples lives. It goes to show that
    no matter how small we feel, we can and have made a difference.

  8. You are a sad, deluded little man; evidently too stupid to see past the
    hysteric and paranoid preaching of the religious leaders you blindly
    follow. This world would be much better off without people like you.

  9. I am so happy to hear about this victory; even if the war isn’t over, it’s
    such a relief to win a few battles.

  10. Well I am so glad that this partition was so successful I did my part to
    spread it and signed it myself, though I may not be homosexual, or even
    bisexual, I still believe that people should have a right to be with people
    they love and care about, so thank you everyone who supported this
    partition, I want you to know, we, for the first time, as individuals, MADE
    A DIFFERENCE! not just in our own countries but across the globe! This is a
    new age, an age where we, the people, can be heard!

  11. So glad… Wish I could have signed, but I didn’t find out til after it was

  12. Very happy to be a part of this cause. Let’s go All Out for LGBT rights!!
    @nitsua720 Grow up.

  13. Congrats everyone 🙂 1 dislike? Looks like even the pope has watched this


  15. If we don’t fight, who will? I’m so happy I was able to sign, and I am so
    glad such an outrage got the attention of millions of people.

  16. “for now” the law is being put on the back burner, thats until all the
    attention fades…..

  17. @SomeoneSomewhereMax you are exactly the type of person that homophobes
    love!! How would you like to be denied the same rights that you enjoy now
    because you were LGBT? You obviously have NO idea.

  18. Great to see that that the “kill the gays” bill is gone. What Uganda did
    was just plain stupid of them.

  19. @priscijojo You will have the oportunity to sign more petitions, our job
    never ends.

  20. I’m 100% straight, Catholic, and I support gay rights. I honestly don’t see
    what’s wrong with two women or two men wanting to be together or get
    married. I have gay and lesbian friends, and I honestly don’t care if they
    are straight, gay, trans, lesbian, etc. Everyone has a right to be happy
    and I hope one day homosexual people have the same rights as everyone else.
    No one should be outcasted or killed just because of their sexuality.

  21. @KayFireVM Hey, so, now we have to sign a petition against the restrictions
    to our freedom, i mean: against the A.C.T.A….Anti-Counterfeiting Trade
    Agreement …please we have to do a petition about that cause its against
    our freedom. .and this doesnt affect just a country it affects all the

  22. @SomeoneSomewhereMax So you think because Israel has developed LGBT laws
    that everywhere in the world does? Most countries dont allow them to get
    married, or even see them as legitimate couples. There are countries that
    loving someone of the same sex is illegal, and can cost you your life, you
    job, your family… you think they dont miss out on anything because YOU
    happen to live in a country that allows them these rights. Once again, YOU
    have no idea.

  23. so much love for everyone who signed or made a phonecall. So happy with
    result xxx

  24. we will not go into the dark without a fight. To all of you that are
    reading this from the closet,i want to say “you are not alone,you are not
    forgoten, we will fight to our last breath for you to be able to say i love
    you without being scared”. DON’T GIVE UP BECAUSE WE SURE NEVER WILL.

  25. i feel so proud of the millions of people who signed the various petitions
    around the world and stopped this evil! what a great result:-)

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