10 Comments on “Harper in Israel: Canadian PM Stephen Harper visits the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem”

  1. Oh my god this is so creepy. Who is this joker to dedicate other people
    [sovereign individuals] to his little cause?

    I opt out of this shit.

  2. I’m a ‘real’ Canadian and definitely stand with Harper 100%. This is the
    first time in my LIFE I’ve ever felt ‘proud’ to be a Canadian. I’m being
    absolutely serious. 

  3. I am so proud of being a Canadian that loves Israel. the Jewish people and
    PM Netanyahu. And I am immensely proud of PM Harper for his very strong
    stand for Israel and for his sincere friendship with PM Netanyahu

  4. Its so nice to see this man being such a great puppet. He`s so blessed with
    his ability to steal and lie. What a great deceiver he is. I`m so proud of
    our puppet leader.. He`s just a great piece of crap.

  5. Harper .. what a Zionist POS, suck that Israeli c**k some more. The need to
    wash down the church with bleach to cleanup after this filth!

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