45 Comments on “Harvey Fierstein with Barbara Walters on 20/20 (1983)”

  1. grandioses Interview, intelligente Fragen und geniale Antworten und viiiel
    Witz und Charme. Revolutionär, wenn man bedenkt, dass dieses Interview vor
    >30 Jahren geführt wurde. Wenn sich 2 Personen unterhalten, und beide sich
    so geben dürfen, wie sie sind, dann kommen solche – in jeder Hinsicht
    wertvollen -Dialoge zustande.

  2. I can honestly say that this is one of the best videos i’ve ever watched on
    youtube. Nothing makes me happier than people who accept themselves for who
    they are.

  3. Harvey is such an amazing man. He was so ahead of the world back then. What
    an inspiration!

  4. Flashback to 1983: Harvey Fierstein, the “first openly gay person” to be
    interviewed by Barbara Walters. (Hat-tip to Bilerico Project)

  5. Before everyone rags on Barbara’s ignorance remember this interview was a
    daring thing to air in 1983. Just talking about homosexuality on TV then
    was brave and progressive.

  6. It was a difficult time. There were people like Harvey trying to help
    homosexuals fit into society and be looked at as equals. But the fear was
    still quite strong. Then when Rock Hudson died and AIDS became the new
    Black Plague it stopped everything…for too long.

  7. DATED interview! DATED questions! But damn, how wonderful was this for
    1983? I remember seeing this back when I was in high school and I have to
    say it made a difference. Thanks Harvey.

  8. “what is it like being homosexual?” gee, I don’t know, Barbara. What is it
    like being a human being?

  9. For a wacky guy, talking seriously he has hands down the sexiest male
    voice. — Coming from a straight guy.

  10. Yeah, but think about the rest of the world and how gay people are treated
    there now, let alone in the 80s. They’d sooner put gays in prison than on
    the national news for an interview about a musical.

  11. Oh God young Barbara comes out so ignorant it’s sad, I’m lucky I didn’t get
    to live the 80s if most people were like her

  12. 1983 was such a different time…I wish I would have been old enough to
    have enjoyed the work of pioneers like Harvey Fierstein. What an incredible
    man…glad I can enjoy him today!

  13. Listening to Harvey Fierstein’s voice… it almost sounds like Barry White.
    Harvey is the man with the baritone!

  14. If anyone needs a picture of what the landscape was like for gay people
    back then, look up the case of an openly gay senator named Harvey Milk who
    was murdered campaigning for the rights of homosexuals across America. (I
    myself am British) I am inspired by his legacy – everyday and I wasn’t even
    born then. For HF to speak to openly at this time was very revolutionary
    and all credit to him 🙂

  15. Hero- Pure and simple, this man is a HERO- Look how he answers her
    astoundingly ignorant questions with integrity, character, strength. Thanks

  16. A lovely man, a human being that I would feel honoured to call friend. Why
    the fuck do we straight people make such a big deal about the way people
    live. I don’t give a shit what you do in your bedroom, I love you for whom
    you are. Go polish your dildo you old bastard.

  17. What an ignorant, narrow-minded cuntbag. Harvey should’ve knocked her lamps
    out. Homophobia is an illness

  18. Wow! He was actually pretty good looking back then! He really needs to
    shave off that god awful beard he currently has though.

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