30 Comments on “Harvey: Gay Marriage Will Lead to a Generation Of “Barbarians””

  1. Let religious people make all the claims they want. When inevitably what
    they said absolutely, beyond a shadow of a doubt, infallibly true, the ONLY
    thing that can happen talking about the future if we continue to go the
    course we are on…this that or the other is what WILL happen. Then when
    it doesn’t they will prove themselves to be liars by for one being wrong
    about their predictions. Two, that they are claiming to know that which
    they can’t. They turn around and wonder why young people leave the church
    in droves. Claiming moral superiority over non religious people yet they
    lie all the time claiming to know that which they don’t and being wrong
    about their future predictions. How do you think a young person who grows
    up in the church expecting people in church to be the model of honesty
    feels when they turn out to have lied about so many things? Betrayed.
    Keep that in mind when claiming to know the future.

  2. Since when did we let stupid people talking and having opinion publicly ??
    these kind of stupid comments made by Linda Harvey are the ones that will
    lead a generation of Barbarians ..

  3. So little Megan will end up hating herself if she can’t fix the fact she’s
    attracted to her best friend Lucy. We wanna go down that road? Everyone
    being a Christian like you will end up being braindead retards who can’t
    come up with anything logical.

  4. The grossest thing is old people having sex – it should be banned
    immediately. Sex should be left to the young – gay or straight. Two
    beautiful young men doing it is more aesthetically pleasing than an hetero
    couple over 50. When I was Megan’s age I used to feel physically sick at
    the thought of my parents having sex. Traumatized me for years.

  5. It shouldn’t matter to anyone who ‘little Megan’ grows up to love and
    marry; what we should concern about is that ‘little Megan’ grows up a
    Positive AND Productive person!

  6. LOL She follows a cult founded by bronze age savages, centering around a
    god who murdered 24 million people, ordered slavery, rape and the stoning
    to death of children, yet fears that modern society losing its bigotry over
    homosexuality will lead to barbarianism. One seriously has to be deluded
    waaay past cognitive dissonance to say something like that without laughing
    out loud, or stopping halfway from embarrassment of one’s own words.


  8. Culture decides its own norms now. They miss the old days when they had
    some control over cultural norms, of course they had to imprison or kill to
    have that modicum of control but hey, it’s a culture “war” right 😉

  9. I’m already building my rainbow barbarian hut to prepare for society’s
    great gay barbarian revolution.

  10. First off, a good portion of psychology is determined by genetics and
    usually by the age of 7. Secondly what part of marriage equality prevents a
    “framework and security level”? And lastly, how does marriage equality, in
    any way, relate to barbarism?!? If you’re gonna make up bullshit and sell
    it of as fact, could you at the very least make it sound within the realm
    of possibility? This merely sounds like something you pulled from your ass
    because you don’t have anything that sounds frightening.

  11. It’s true: kids in the future will have the freedom to live their lives
    without the control of religion.

  12. no u lose, china and india will eat you little shrinking mexico-americans,
    barbarians are always slaves

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