13 Comments on “Hate-filled speech in church goes viral”

  1. It’s church. WHERE THEY PREACH THE BIBLE! And the Bible talks about killing
    gays. What’s the fucking problem here?? You faggots won’t be happy until
    they abolish the First Amendment.

  2. Your shitty grammar is proof again of the crappy Southern education system.
    Your inability to make a valid argument is more proof of the same. Have a
    nice day. 🙂

  3. The south is the poorest, dirtiest, most uneducated part of the country for
    several reasons. This video is one of them.

  4. People has a choice to do as they wish in their own home, but I dont think
    it’s right to push it down other people’s throat. What does sexual rights
    has to do with civil rights? MLK didnt die for sexual rights. I have a
    homosexual friend, would do anything for him, but he knows I dont agree
    with the lifestyle, anytime he needs me am there. Speaking the truth is not
    hate, I think they’re blowing it out of porportion. I dont agree with
    killing homosexuals or anybody else, dat’s wrong!

  5. What is all the commotion over who somebody loves? Makes no sense to me,
    and no, I am not gay and have no family members nor friends who are.

  6. Torah isn’t hate speech.Only heathens found it as hate speech. Amerikkka
    was even a thought,when the Torah was written…this fake christian nation
    hates the bible.This land won’t last either.

    other sins will not inherit the kingdom of God meaning those who practice
    such acts will not enter in. God love the homosexuals and many other
    sinners, like myself, but NOT THE SIN. I would say leave the judgement to
    God, our job as chirstians is to speak da truth in love, homosexuals are
    God’s creation however misguided by these lieing demonic feelings. C’mon we
    kno 2 men n 2 women cannot produce. It’s clearly wrong.

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