9 Comments on “Heckler Confront Obama on Immigration, Energy, Gay Rights”

  1. Dude say what you want about Obama, but put aside politics and anybody
    would realize he is a cool dude.

  2. obama hasn’t done anything i really regret voting for him…”change,
    change, change” what has changed?

  3. That’s is about as stupid as the gay protesters trying to go at Arsenio
    Hall when he had his show.

  4. @DriveByTrucker88 Just what type of change did you expect to see happen
    short of a revolution in Congress! Regardless of him taking office and his
    promises he cant single handedly change years of Government Bureaucracy…
    Maybe you should have voted for the old man and the Alaskan governor. he
    hasn’t even completed his first term yet and the Economic criss is global
    might I ad.

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