Heroin in the USA

The death of Oscar-winning actor Philip Seymour Hoffman has shined a light on the expanding reach of heroin in the US. According to the White House’s Office …

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  1. I notice he wears a cross. True Christians do not take drugs, not even
    cigarettes! “Cleanse yourselves of every defilement of flesh & spirit,
    perfecting holiness” (2 Corinthians 7:1) “You must be holy, because I am
    holy” (Bible) Holy means to be clean & pure of all defilement of flesh &

  2. Now the Federal Government can/will expand it’s ineffective “war” on drugs
    to yet another demographic of America. Oh joyous day!

  3. The death of Oscar-winning actor Philip Seymour Hoffman has shined a light
    on the expanding reach of heroin in the US. According to the White House’s
    Office of National Drug Control Policy, the number of deaths involving
    heroin surged 45 percent between 1999 and 2010. The rising demand coincides
    with a huge increase in poppy production in both Afghanistan and Mexico.
    RT’s Ramon Galindo shows us the changing face of addiction in the US.

  4. The Sinaloa Cartel hitman Jesus Ernesto Chavez Castillo a soldier in the
    Medillin Cartel war lists his body count at 800+ murders. Barrio Azteca
    Gang Catrello grew from a Texas jail gang into contract killers for the
    notorious Juarez cartel. Castillo describes the support of the United
    States behind the war take over the drug market and the influx of weapons
    from the Fast and Furious weapons scandal as progress to arm and destroy
    the Medillin cartel in the Gulf region of Mexico and Zeta-Asteca Juarez
    operations elsewhere. The Sinaloa claim victory over the factions involved.

    Much of the criminal acts of butchery are driven by forms of Santeria and
    machismo. Such as 14 Zetas found chopped to pieces by the Cartel with a
    message in Nuevo Laredo. Hence, the ritualistic murders and beheading for
    publicity. As a hitman for the Juarez drug gangs and the Sinaloa Cartel,
    Castillo and many others were let go on orders by the CIA.

    The other sanctioned agents of the Sinaloa are: Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman,
    Arturo Gallegos Castrellon, Sandra Avila-Beltran, Miguel Angel Felix
    Gallardo (in jail) there’s another three women whom I cannot recall that
    have been missing.

    This stretches back to Adolfo Constanzo’s religion called Palo Mayombe, a
    death cult in Matamoros and U.S. ties in our CIA. What this amounts to me
    is a holocaust carried out on Mexican citizens who are fleeing the US
    sponsored drug war.

  5. The important story for RT to investigate is why Opium/Heroin production in
    Afghanistan has increased ten-fold since USA invaded that nation. The USA
    controls that country, and the military has admitted on film that they
    assist the Afghan farmers with defending and growing opium.

  6. How strong was Philip Seymour Hoffman’s heroin? Oh nobody knows- you mean
    cause a cartel made and it was distributed by the black market? How much
    violence was caused because of it as well in its production and
    transference because courts cannot be used to settle disputes. Yea its bad
    for people so we have to make it illegal? Or our govt just likes being
    able to spend 100 billion annually on a State and Federal level on itself
    continuing this war on drugs while at the same time they are the ones
    running them into the country.

  7. Russians can’t afford heroin so they huff gas and do that horrific
    ‘Crocodile’ drug that makes their skin melt off.

    RT should pretend to be a journalistic outfit and do a report on the drugs
    pandemic in russia. 80% of russians are alcoholics and approximately 30%
    are drug addicts. 

  8. How do we get the CIA to stop bringing in Heroin from Afghanistan that is
    being guarded by our troops? Answer that and you have the answers.

  9. There are also people who really need Rx pain killers who are being hurt by
    the war on drugs. Obviously some do abuse them but the number of abusers
    dwarfs the number of those who do need the drugs. Cancer patients,
    fibromyalgia patients (like me), and others with severe arthritis and a few
    other diseases that cause extreme pain. Those who are responsible and don’t
    abuse them get hurt by these laws that are “aimed at abusers” but it’s a
    neglected topic because people don’t understand what it’s like living with
    chronic pain. Personally I feel almost like how you do after a heavy work
    out. Where you have lactic acid built up in your muscles 24/7. My nerves in
    my arms, hands, thighs are constantly screaming like there is pressure on
    them that’s crushing me. My joints all act like every muscle in my body is
    inflamed when there is no inflation. It’s torture 24/7/365 and it just came
    out of nowhere Oct 2011. I’m constantly looked down on by others for taking
    Rx pain killers when no one would realize if I don’t tell them. I look as
    though I’m perfectly normal but my body is in constant agony. I’ve went
    through multiple alternative pain management solutions and nothing worked.
    So the only thing I could do was to take Rx pain killers. My states laws
    make it so my regular Dr. is afraid to prescribe them for fear of the DEA
    sweeping in on them. The DEA set up offices in the state that monitor every
    prescription, who prescribed it, who it’s for, where and when it was filled
    out. An extreme nanny system that makes Dr’s, pharmacists, and pharmacy’s
    live in fear of the DEA breaking down their doors and shutting them down
    while pulling their licences. So many people are being hurt by the
    repressive fear mongering.

  10. Nigga, please. The “annual prevalence” rate which is shown as the
    percentage of the youth and adult population who have consumed heroin at
    least once in the past year…Ranked #3: Russia. You sorry-ass hypocrite

  11. Let’s talk about the flesh eating drug Krokodil in Russia! This is even
    better than the lame broadcast just posted. Yes, we have a problem in
    America with Heroin but this Krokodil far surpasses the heroin problem.

  12. This is an attack to sabotage the youth in the US. I think the Sinaloa
    Cartel is shipping this from Columbia and Triads from Asia. This happened
    to the counter culture movement once the Vietnam protests turned ugly after
    Kent State. This is how the FBI or CIA managing a global youth movement.
    This also ensnares workers for the prison industry.

    The pyramid works like this: black money goes to drug supplier, a shipment
    of drugs sold goes to the buyer sanctioned by CIA sponsored drug
    traffickers (Sinaloa Cartel), traffickers bring drug shipment into the US
    in registered CIA cesna planes and private airstrips, the drug shipments
    are handed over to the military or FBI who in turn hands that drug shipment
    over to FBI undercover law enforcement to distribute to sanctioned top
    distributors on the FBI informant lists, and finally the low level police
    start noticing and make arrests in controlled epidemic chaos.

    This artificial culling destroys the future potential of millions of
    unemployed people and disaffected youth looking for meaning in a failed
    state government. This is a managed drugged out society as written of by
    the Phillip K. Dick, “A Scanner Darkly” and “Brave New World” by Aldous

  13. CIA sponsored opium protection in Afghanistan. So of course it’s production
    has increased. Plenty of evidence to back it up too.

  14. Oh no guys, heroin is nothing compared to marijuana. There’s an epidemic in
    this country far worse and it has to be stopped. Weed is Highly addictive.
    Is the cause of millions of deaths every year. Look it up.

  15. the DEA/CIA are the major importers of this poison.we borrow money from
    china to have the freakin military guard these opium fields and commit war
    crimes (not all do) in a false “war on terror” and the sheeple eat it all
    up while watchin their ball games, ect. most don’t even know what GMO foods
    are and what they do to us. FUKUSHIMA, one of the 15 largest nuclear power
    plants in the world (built by G.E.) HAS 6 REACTORS IN DIFFERENT STAGES OF
    MELTDOWN and maybe 1 or 2% of the people even know about it, even though it
    started over 3 years ago. well, it’s getting worse everyday and we’re all
    doomed but people are to stupid to understand it. Glad that i’m old and
    have no kids, but what about the rest of you sheeple? where ever my soul
    goes, it’ll be better then this………i hope

  16. There is a correlation between childhood abuse and drug abuse in later
    life. A Study states that 84% of drug users were abused and neglected. It
    physically changes the brain and the way you experience pleasure.

    What rubs me the wrong way is that billions is spent to remove drugs, yet
    the prevention of childhood trauma is secondary. There must be a way for
    our society/culture to become healthy again.

  17. the corporate machine is well oiled, not for OR by the people though and
    that is where natural law comes into effect, the gravy train days are
    numbered. ;)

  18. thank allah iran is going to take care of you all! cia !! north
    korea china will mop up the rest! ohhhhh welll you snooze
    you loose!!

  19. There’s less than 700,000 heroin junkies in the U.S. There’s 316,000,000

    We’ve got 316 people in the room, less than 1 is a junkie. Oh well, less
    competition for jobs. Let them be willfull wastes. Just don’t make anyone
    else pay for it.

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  21. The answer is more guns.
    Celebrities are all dead inside. They really are. They live shallow lives
    but that’s what they want. They know what they are getting into. A lot of
    them aren’t even that pretty/beautiful. It really is heavy with the makeup.

  22. The g.o.v. has all the dope u know why because Osama was the one of the
    biggest dope dealers in Afghanistan and they kill the leader so what USA
    does everywhere else they take over that’s how the gonna stabilize the

  23. Why not provide clinics where addicts can inject USP grade heroin. With
    trained staff, and available naxlonone.

  24. Jennifer Manzella (talks like she is holding her nose with two fingers)
    01:00 when she said it really used to be an URBAN PROBLEM, she meant it
    used to be a NIGGER problem but now OUR cave kids are getting sprung off of
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    cave kids all wanna do it also…

    since your so called war on terror, shouldnt you have bombed the poppi
    field in afghanastan? hahah, you invade iraq with oil but oil prices in usa
    goes up? haha, thats weird, now in afghanistan you invade a country that
    makes poppi’s but poppi production increase 50% in one year, HAHAHAHAHA, man

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    John 8:44-45
    King James Version (KJV)
    44 Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will
    do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth,
    because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of
    his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it.

    45 And because I tell you the truth, ye believe me not.

  25. The g.o.v. has all the dope u know why because Osama was the one of the
    biggest dope dealers in Afghanistan and they kill the leader so what USA
    does everywhere else they take over that’s how the gonna stabilize the

  26. I think the Government is doing the same thing they did in Vietnam. As
    everybody knows there’s been a sharp increase of Heroin Use in America. Why
    do you think that is? The Government is using our soldiers to guard the To
    Big To Fail Banks Poppy Field in Afghan which supply 90% of Heroin to the

  27. why is it that when one of these wealthy shallow Hollywood actors die from
    drug overdoses immediately the media pays more attention to the dangers of
    drugs” and we have to now focus all are attention on Heroin now.

  28. You people know our government ships in the shit right? Hence y were in
    afghanistan? Our troops help protect the poppy farms… then our govt ships
    it in on military cargo planes.. as for mexico our government ships the
    cartels guns so i dont see why production wouldnt go up… all on the
    taxpayers dime, and then they tell you they have to take your rights so
    terrorists dont get you. Hahahaha 

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