8 Comments on “Hillary Clinton promotes gay rights”

  1. even tho they are born free dosent mean they can get married, thats AGAINST
    all HUMAN MORALITY and they can do all theyre stuff i respect that but
    Marriage is a bond between a man and a woman and God Clearly said that a
    man and a man, or the other side cant get married at all. in God We Trust
    is the worst Phrase United States can ever put on theyre money and
    everything because they dont Trust God at all!

  2. I am so sick of Democrats putting my country down. Name one country that
    has a better human right for gay then the U.S. We have gay pride parades.
    Other countries just kill someone if they say there gay.

  3. @jcchell The United states also shouldn’t allow ignorant and homophobic
    bigots like yourself to breath my air. Any american who suggests that a
    population of people shouldn’t have the same rights as everybody else
    because of their sexuality is no American at all. Stop hiding behind your
    religion and learn a little “HUMAN MORALITY”.

  4. @jcchell bitch shut the fuck up, just like global warming theory, you have
    no evidence of a ‘white’ beard man watching your every move. and please
    don’t say the bible. you know translating is very hard. when you translate
    from one language to the next wording can be accurate, but the way it is
    interpreted can be different. so in truth they or may not be real. and i
    shall be honest i believe and love god. but i don’t believe in the

  5. @jcchell should you question god? and i was born bisexual, i known this
    since i was a little little kid. in fact i knew this before i even knew the
    terms gay, lesbian, bisexual and you get my point. so how do you explain
    that. god loves me and i love him, he made me this way. i may get a wife or
    end up with a husband who know except for god. and it’s close minded people
    like you who have driven many LGBT community members to kill
    themselves…for being secluded and made felt alone.

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