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  1. You mean to tell me a group of dads can’t stop themselves from staring at
    an underaged girl? So it’s OK for you to stare at someone’s daughter like
    that, but dammit if someone else your age were to do that to your daughter.

  2. Nothing wrong with that dress, she’s totally covered. The real reason she
    got in trouble is because she has a big booty and the perves couldn’t stop
    staring, if she didn’t this wouldn’t even be an issue. The same sort of
    stuff happens to girls with big boobs who get accused of dressing sexy even
    when they wear a freaking turtle neck!

  3. Home school prom. ‘Nuff said. This is just a bunch of crazy people with no
    real power or influence. 

  4. “dads were allegedly lusting after her….” Actually, the parents believed
    her “dancing was too provocative” (aka sexual) and would distract others at
    the prom; she was lucky they let her in the prom to begin with as her dress
    was too short. It would have been better had she not been allowed at the
    prom from the start. It’s a prom not some night club full of sluts and
    prostitutes, you’re supposed to dress classy.

  5. I think Anna is just bullshiting in the opposite direction. They are both
    right, those dads shouldn’t have been chilling out in there.
    Why do Women wear skin tight revealing clothes? To NOT get attention?
    Those guys were creeps, for sure. And the woman who kicked her out just for
    getting attention is just as bad. Men are going to look. That’s why that
    kind of clothing even exists in the first god damn place! If you don’t want
    to be looked at, keep your ass and tits out of view!
    That is BEFORE you start complaining about other peoples self control. Did
    those men try to rape her under the “she was ask’n for it” excuse? NO. They
    just looked at her.
    Women shouldn’t be kept in beekeeper suits, and taught to be ashamed of
    their bodies. But, Men shouldn’t be taught to be ashamed of appreciating a
    Woman’s body!
    Fucking double standards are BULLSHIT.

  6. Typical TYT and feminist Ana to distort and make it look like the men did
    something bad. They looked at a well developed young woman and that is
    PERFECTLY NATURAL THING TO DO. Jesus fucking ****, now they want it make it
    illegal to look at girls?

    Reason feminist Ana is upset at the men is probably because she is like
    that unsecure bitch who reported the girl and got her kicked out. Getting
    old and starting to look old and ofcourse they blame men for it…

  7. Sometimes Ana is a little high. You dont have to be a perv to look at that
    girl and forget you are 40, its frikken biology and looking isnt a crime
    and you wouldn’t dress like you do if you didnt want to be checked out
    (Ana). They did need to grow a pair and say leave her alone, but its
    Virginia backwoods USA

  8. Poor jealous Ana who got plastic surgery just to make herself feel
    prettier. Don’t blame the horny old men. They didn’t kick her out. Blame
    the jealous older women who kicked her out. The same way women have the
    right to do what they want, us men do as well. If we want to position our
    eyes in a certain direction, then we can. As long as they weren’t trying
    to hit on the poor girl, pick her up or flirt with her, then you can’t
    really say anything. You can’t tell people who they can and can’t look at.

  9. Just one question here…what is inappropriate when men are staring at a
    women? Isn’t that the whole point about two sexes, two genders…when one
    gender is feeling comfortable by seeing the other gender? How do they think
    humanity or any animal would have lasted for this long, if the men would
    have sticked with men and females would have sticked with females? I’m not
    tlaking about older men getting all horny about underage girls or
    something. But isn’t it natural that a normal looking girl, is nice looking
    in the eye of men? Seriously…why do they keep using that word
    inappropriate? It’s like they don’t understand the meaning of it…or why
    there are two genders…

  10. From what I’ve read there were girls there with shorter dresses..I’m
    thinking the black boyfriend may have been the real issue here. :x

  11. Eh ….. . . .

    She’s not even hot. At all, what so ever, in ANY which way shape or form.
    She just looks like a nice young kid. Now, that that has been said, if ya
    go to the hood, and see all of the Latinas dressing up for prom night, they
    actually do look like beautiful full grown women. I even remember Police
    Officers at such events hitting on them. In-fact they couldn’t get enough
    of ’em.

    IDK, I guess it all depends on where ya live, the style and the maturity
    level really does differ, REGARDLESS of what society wants ya to think.

    One little white girl from an oh-so perfect suburban town at age 17 is not
    the same as a 17 year old Latina from the Bronx, Boston, or Chicago. I’m
    sorry, but that just the truth ~

  12. As usual, the Turks have effed the story up. A bunch of guys ogling you is
    not going to get you kicked out of the prom. Check out any other source’s
    reporting on this and you find some interesting details they left out of
    this story: The organizers, at the Shady Grove Methodist Church in
    Richmond, Va. (yes, a church – not a school), had a problem with the dress
    when she arrived. She’s apparently a well-built 17-year-old and didn’t fit
    with the other 13-15 (?!) year-old crowd (Daily Mail). Oh, and never mind
    the fact that she was dancing provocatively with her black date… at a
    church… in Virginia… And her friends weren’t kicked out, they left in

  13. So the married men were staring at her because she has a great body? I mean
    yeah she’s got the butt and clearly some nice abs going. But I can
    acknowledge the existence of those things without being such an unfaithful
    pervert that the poor girl has to be kicked out. HELL, why is SHE being
    kicked out? The dads are the ones breaking the fuck’n law.

  14. Kasparian’s estrogen once again interfering with her synapses.

    Ain’t even mad. There is no hope.

  15. Home school = Christian Extremist

    What did you expect? Of course her dress is the problem lol. Of course
    these good Christian men couldn’t control themselves. Of course its her

    At least they kicked her out. If she stayed she might have been raped, and
    that would have been her fault too.

    Home School Prom lmao

  16. Why is it the student’s responsibility to make sure men don’t stare at
    her?? Those chaperones should be kicked out instead! In the article she
    said that some of the male chaperones were ogling her and making comments
    behind her back, they shouldn’t be there! The point of chaperones is to
    provide a safe environment for the dance and they were obviously making her
    feel unsafe!

  17. The girl had a BLACK guy as a date and it would have been public relations
    suicide to make a big deal of THAT right now, so they found something else
    to mess with her about. I’m shocked the reporters are all missing this
    HUGE fact. Enjoy.

  18. i’m sorry but if they are getting turned on by a teenage girl then they are
    the ones that should get kicked out. 

  19. So wait girls/women are allowed to dress however they want and dance
    provocatively because of sexual liberation and all of that but guys aren’t
    allowed to look? Dress and dance sexy guys will look you can’t have it both

    The problem isn’t the men or the girl. It’s the women who kicked her out
    because they can’t handle that the girl is getting the men’s attention
    rather than them. 

  20. How the fuck does it become a woman’s fault that a group of “men” can’t
    stop starring at said woman? Fucking Abrahamic bullshit.

  21. I dont see how its at all the fault of the guys looking at her.
    like at all.

    How is it “not controlling one’s behavior” just by looking at someone?

    I was under the impression that [Rape] was the threshold on which that was

  22. They are homeschoolers. For religious reasons. They have been deliberately
    isolating their children from EVERYTHING scientific, sexual and
    nonreligious. You think they WON’T be sexually repressed?

  23. Or maybe people need to stand up for the selves, say “you have two choice
    one we can call the police and make a big scene ruining everyone’s prom
    because I am not violating any rules and you have little to no authority OR
    option 2 leave me alone”. Obviously easier said than done for some but
    still stop being children.

  24. When the muslims do this kind of thig, it’s a crime against women, when
    murican inbreds do it, it’s common decency.

  25. My only real question to this story is when did they start letting home
    schooled students be part of a public school event? Back when I was in
    school anyone home schooled wasn’t even allowed on campus much less be
    allowed to participate in the school events. Another thing I find dumb
    is the fact she was thrown out due to males being distracted by her…
    meaning, she was the only one actually worth looking at in the room
    apparently. Those wives and other females must have been dressed in
    burkas to have not been also the distraction of the party or just plain

  26. I agree, it was probably a jealous woman that got her kicked out..
    Her dress is fine! It could’ve been the way she was dancing that was
    provocative but when you think about it… If she was turning those guys
    on, why would they kick her out? And if they feel uncomfortable because of
    how she’s dressed/dancing then all they had to do was NOT stare. :S

  27. Keyword here is “home-schooled prom” which means a lot of nut job
    Christians. Its really no surprise that they wouldn’t try and enforce a
    “sister wives” style dress code on all the girls. And before you reply
    angrily that you were home-schooled or you home-schooled your child for
    non-religious reasons, I’m not anti-home-schooling unless your reason is
    that secular schools are of the devil because they teach evolution.

  28. if they’re home schooled then they are probably religious, so the dads are
    sexually frustrated anyway. yes, i just made that blanket statement…you
    religious fucktards

  29. 1. Women can dress however they want, sexual liberation!
    2. Men can’t follow their natural instincts and look at women dressed for
    attention; suppress their sexuality!

    These things don’t go together. If women can wear skin-tight leg-assault
    dresses, men shouldn’t be forced to suppress natural interest and avert
    their gaze. Unless their tongues were hanging out of their mouths, I don’t
    see the big deal.

    Also it’s not like they don’t hit puberty by senior year. She’s under a
    year away from being a legal adult, I don’t think you need to keep making
    them out to be pedophiles. Not like their wives don’t wear makeup in a vain
    attempt to look younger anyway.

  30. Why the hell would any man stare at a girl dancing in a shiny glittery
    dress in the middle of a dark dance floor. They MUST be perverts who can’t
    control themselves. It’s unfortunate that their pervyness FORCED the other
    women to kick the poor girl out. It’s all the men’s fault.


    Read the original article. She said, “We were also a little grossed out by
    all the dads on the balcony above the dance floor, ogling and talking
    amongst themselves.” You can’t factually report the interpretation of a
    stare as “ogling” and even if said stare had pervy intentions it’s not at
    all relevant to the fact that the women were the ones who kicked them out!
    Staring is not the issue here. Insecurities are.

    So Let’s reverse the roles.
    A home schooled 17 year old boy goes to prom in a nice suit. The middle
    aged women start to stare at him. The middle aged men see their wives
    “ogling” him and they start getting angry. They approach the boy and kick
    him and his friends out, even though they did absolutely nothing wrong. Now
    tell me who is at fault? Is it the men or the women? Obviously it’s the
    men. Was it the staring that was the real problem? or was it something

  31. How much should I bet that those parents have cleared their internet
    history recently and now what redtube, pornhub and others such websites are
    I’m going for 100$ on perverted parents with unfulfilled fantasies.

  32. In total agreement with the consensus here, however there is one glaring
    omission. There is complete focus on dress length, 2 pictures, but no
    mention of “cleavage line”. (2nd pic conveniently conceals this). From a
    journalism POV shouldn’t you be covering all the angles? Just sayin…

  33. The finger length test is extremely stupid. All people have different arm
    lengths, so it is not fair to judge based on that. And, I find it stupid
    that the girl was forced to leave. What about the middle aged men who were
    inappropriately starring at her in the first case 

  34. Prom sucks anyways. I went to my girlfriends prom at the time that was 2
    years younger ( I was 19), and it was about the lamest thing ever. Cops at
    the door searching and breathelizing, crappy music, and I was out like
    $800. (Tux, Limo, dinner, etc.)

    A lot of guys go just to get laid for the first time is the stereotype but
    I doubt it was that high of a percentage. Never understood it.

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