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  1. When will the homosexual community realize that there are Christians who
    absolutely will not cave in to the demands of those who subscribe to this
    ungodly, unnatural and aberrant lifestyle. There are, yet, many faithful
    Bible believers in this land who cannot be ridiculed into fellowship with
    the works of darkness. There are many Christians, perhaps so-called, who
    have been brow-beaten by the sodomites and their female counterparts into
    backing off from their condemnation of homosexuality. To the dismay of many
    of these perverted souls, however, there are many who simply will not be so

  2. Fox News, The Young Turks, how one can be so critical of the other without
    realizing they fall into the same trap but from a Conservative or Liberal
    point of view. Political bullshit. 

  3. i am so disappointed to lisa when she said it is gross. even if you are not
    into dating old people, you should respect people who do. i am not into old
    people myself but i can imagine it is a hurtful comment to hear. sometime
    when i hear people say there is nothing wrong with gay and they support gay
    right but they still think it was gross, i just feel so bad. even it is a
    true feeling that they have, why cant people just keep this kind of comment
    to themselves.

  4. Maybe… maybe after a certain age it’s not as big a deal, I would think if
    you are 70 dating a 90 year old person, no one would care… even if the
    kid was 30, but really college aged kids… SMH

  5. That being said… after watching Chloe… I’d sleep with Julianne Moore
    (51) in a heartbeat. I also don’t feel sorry for the kid. He’s going to get
    massive positive attention for this. He can do the press circuit, and could
    probably write a book and get it published after this.

  6. No one gets to make these judgements! He should not be kicked off the team
    for things that you decide in your love life and private life! Clearly he
    lied for reasons, since everyone is judging him…

  7. It varies in grossness. For an 18 year old I’d say over 30 starts to be
    gross, over 40 is more gross, 50 is very gross and 60-65 is extremely
    gross. No one “decides”, but that is a rough approximation of the general
    midset of people these days. “Gross” doesn’t involve morality or ethics.
    They’re not arbitrary, but there is some subjectivity. It isn’t necessarily
    prejudice, many people were grossed out by that older actor and the really
    young woman who got married (forgot their names).

  8. I dont anything wrong with the age thing. I’ll admit i’m attracted to
    miltf’s. Not 65, but up to 50. There are some attractive older people. I do
    agree 65 is pretty old though.

  9. Honestly I don’t care if he kisses a 65 year old man, or if anyone kisses
    someone who’s significantly older, for that matter. I don’t think it’s
    gross or weird. Also to assume that someone has a psychological problem
    because they are attracted to someone 40+ older is immature. It could be
    that they find their intelligence and wisdom attractive, or their
    confidence. There are more factors than merely physical appearance that
    captivate someone’s emotions.

  10. “2nd Seems like you took the least important/serious part of my statement.”
    Really, how come? I have already stated my opinion and have no need or
    desire to reiterate it. I don’t like boiling my cabbage twice. So, with
    that in mind, that only left the parts of your comment that I replied to,
    everything else was covered in my original comment.

  11. I kind of don’t understand how people say that gay people should be allowed
    to date anyone they want because they’re consensual adults and people
    should be free to be in a relationship with whomever they want to be in a
    relationship with – yet despite this and in a situation where all of these
    exact same moral underpinnings apply (such as an 18 year old dating a 65
    year old) these same people give completely different answers and are
    perfectly willing to openly judge these people.

  12. And, in fact he was kicked off because of breaking protocol, not because
    the was gay. In our contract, it says that anyone distracting the team
    ESPECIALLY during a game, you could have consequences like getting kicked
    off the team. Not because he was gay, but because he broke the contract.

  13. The grossness line is arbitrary but the guy is over triple his age (closer
    to quadruple, actually). That seems like it’s pushing it. (Obviously,
    they’re both adults so I don’t think kt should be banned or that anyone
    should be punished for it.)

  14. I know that I would make a few tasteless jokes. Hell if I knew the girl I
    might even get creative. Maybe ask if she has a fetish for rub A535. Maybe
    ask if she is worried that their first child will be born already old
    enough to drink and rent a car. Maybe she is getting a little full of
    herself, and getting drunk off all that social security money. Actually
    this sounds like it would be awesome.

  15. Insisting people become more tolerant when giving their opinions to satisfy
    your own ideology and delicate sensibilities is itself intolerant. Just
    having a laissez faire “anything goes” mentality isn’t virtuous in itself.

  16. i’m surprised at the tyt community. so many of you think there is something
    wrong with the age difference but the only reason you can cite is “ewwww”.
    grow the fuck up

  17. First off bro, I attend North Dakota State College of Science and am on the
    football team Jamie was on before he got kicked off, I WAS AT THE GAME and
    during the game there was a lot more than kissing going on that me and a
    bunch of my fellow teammates saw going on. We saw what seemed to be hand
    jobs and blow jobs going on as well as a bunch of kissing, AND SEX, in the
    press box. So, don’t make it seem like it was just one kiss. When in fact
    it was WAY more than that.

  18. Perhaps there’s not something wrong… yes, that’s a huge difference, but
    what if they just actually connected? I’ve never been able to attract
    anyone my own age, they’re always ten or fifteen years older or younger
    than me. I’ll reserve judgement on that issue until I have more actual
    information on that, but as far as him getting kicked off the team, in my
    experience, yes, it’s because he’s gay.

  19. Does Larry King’s Marriage gross you out? The numbers are nearly the same.
    And they have 2 adorable boys.

  20. This backwater country is still hickvill. Other countries have gaping age
    differances to straight relationships.

  21. Everything is so blue in this video, Johns shirt, Johns pen, Lisa’s dress,
    the screens in the background, the bar at the bottom…

  22. I’m gay and I agree with John, that’s just disgusting, I bet the old man is
    taking advantage of him, as we are all so naive and easily manipulate when
    we haven’t come out.

  23. Wah’ Puh Tun ND is near an Indian Rez where elders are revered. Gayness is
    not a problems with American Indians. Rethink your ugly biased thoughts
    please, as my Grandfather was nearly 40 when he became involved with my
    16-year-old Grandmother till death did they part. ND, btw is trying to keeo
    their population of color under 3% by using the media in articles like
    yours. Go Team. ND is the only State in the US where there is no Human
    Rights Commission (it is voted down each year,,)

  24. most of the things that need people’s tolerance are usually something you
    dont understand/are not into. and things you dont understand is very likely
    to gross you out and it is ok to feel that way because u cant control what
    u feel. however comment like “gross” is just a very bad thing to say. no
    matter how you say you respect people’s rights and choices, when you add a
    comment like this, you are not being respectful at all

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